I will officially apologize to the good people of Zambia that I misled to vote corrupt, clueless and selfish gvt- seer


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A time comes in life when you have to stand up and say enough is enough. I do not get into little issues but this lady has gone through hell in the hands of social media fanatics with latest abuse coming direct from a government representative but the president and the government have actually watched and enjoyed this lady being abused.

In a sane government, the abusers of this lady would be dropped from the government showing that the government was ready to protect women.

And to all the women that enjoy watching a fellow lady being abused, such is coming to happen to your daughters.

Haven said that, I will officially apologize to the good people of Zambia that I misled in millions to vote for a corrupt, clueless and selfish government this Sunday at 9pm LIVE on this page.

In this broadcast, I will share with you my journey with HH from the opposition to the state house and provide all evidence to back up all my words during the broadcast for those that believes that I have not been in constant touch with HH and his people.

Also in this broadcast I will usher you into the state house and show you how that state House has been turned into a corruption center the worst of its kind since the birth of the Republic of Zambia.

And why for the first time government transactions are done at a private home called community house.

I know that you are blank about the reason why a HELIPAD was hurriedly constructed at the community house, well join me and hear how we removed Zambia from FRYING PAN direct into FIRE.

I will use that opportunity to apologize to everyone that I bruised during my campaign for HH especially to President Edgar Lungu, Fred Membe, Chishimba Kambwili and many others and to the millions of the UPND members that have been used and dumped and i will share with you the new hope for the nation.

And to you the hungry, suffering and smiling, malnourished minority praise singers that will love to insult me during the broadcast, prepare yourself well, we have been there before and we are going there again but this time with facts and evidence so we are ready for everything.

Insults are part of my daily bread, I ate enough of it from a well fed PF cadres and was never shaken, I don’t think that I will be shaken by insults coming from hungry, dirty UPND cadres the battle is for your good,

Thank you so much and I believe that my apology will be accepted because it’s coming from my heart looking at what the people of Zambia are going through in the hands of HH and his extremely corrupt government.

See you on Sunday 9pm.

Set your alarm.


Source zambianobserver.com

Macdonald kaonga, reporting news Chongwe. 



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