Gvt to buy ambulances, Police Cars for constituencies


President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA says government will buy ambulances and police vehicles in order to improve service delivery for all the 156 constituencies in the country.

President HICHILEMA says this will be in addition to the Constituency Development Funds – CDF- monitoring vehicles which were bought and distributed recently.

The President was speaking in Livingstone this afternoon at the Catholic St. Theresa Cathedral’s granite jubilee mass.

President HICHILEMA said the church must be included in the decision-making regarding the management of CDF.

He said the Church should be allowed to fuse in their priorities to foster development.

The Head of State said his government understands that things are hard for people economically but has assured citizens that the economy will get better soon.

Speaking at the same event, Livingstone Diocese Bishop, Right Reverend VALENTINE KALUMBA said President HICHILEMA’s visit has presented an opportunity for the Catholic Church and the government to confer and strengthen their working relationship.

Bishop KALUMBA said the church and the government have a shared objective of serving the people and the community to which they belong.

He adds that the church is committed to enhancing the positive relationship that currently exists between the Catholic Church and the government.

And the Cathedral Administrator Fr. CLIFFORD MULASIKWANDA has commended President HICHILEMA and his government for increasing CDF.

He has however urged the government to ensure that the church is also allowed to access CDF to foster development in communities.

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