Abwelelepo took my time, says tayali


In picture:Tayali with his Ethiopian Wife and his daughter having a meal.

Social media personality Chilufya Tayali says he is now enjoying time with his family after abandoning “ALEBWELELAPO” campaign.

Tayali started the ALEBWELELAPO campaign, which is aimed at calling back former president Edgar Lungu to active politics and run in 2026 elections.

“I have done back to the basics, which is, “family comes first”, those other agendas were just denying me such opportunities by either being in cells or scared of being arrested, in the next minute, all in the name of #Alebwelelapo.” says Tayali.

Tayali has turned against Lungu, saying he is not capable of facing incumbent president Hakainde Hichilema. He also complains that despite the talk he did for him, Lungu never supported him.

On the picture posted on his page seen by Zambian Eye, Tayali with his Ethiopian Wife and his daughter having a meal.




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