Soon opposition will have no message as mealie meal issue and fuel will now be history. The only things we shall now be hearing of is them defending themselves for the money they stole and the money laundering they were involved. There be no message for them to tell citizens because we are on course in the following :

1. Job Creation( health and education) and military on course

2. Agro loans on course

3. on job creation on course

4. Rule of law on course

5. Allowing for bailable matters to be bailed

6. Retirees on course

7. Paying farmers on course

8. GDP on course

9. Inflation on course

10. Free education on course

11. Paying workers on time on course

12. Running Indeni which closed on course

13. Opening KCM which PF closed by liquidation on course

14. Debt restructuring on course

15. Attracting FID of about $3.8bn in a year on course

16. Stopping political violence and stupidity on course

17. Allowing citizens to wear regalia of their choice on course

19. Freedom of expression on course

20. Growing the mining sector by over $2bn worth of investment on course

21. Increasing CEEC from k41 million to k356million on course

22. Napsa partial withdrawal on course

23. Employment of over 230 extension officers on course

24. Running a balanced cabinet which represents the whole country on course

25. Fighting Corruption on course

26. Budget credibility restoration on course

27. Market acces for agriculture products openings in the region and beyond on course

28. Running the country by doing on course

29. Lusaka – Ndola dual carriage way on course

30. Chingola – Chilibombwe – Kasumbalesa Road on course

Meanwhile , PF failed in all the above and the UPND New Dawn government had to restore the economy from ICU where all the above had collapsed.

This has been done only in two years . What remains is the currency , fuel and mealie meal and soon these will be history .

The country is in safe hands . Upon seeing these achievements opposition have realized campaign long will be very difficult so they have to cause disruption to paint a black picture so that they remain relevant . In the process of desperation they are getting caged due to the appetite to break the law



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