Musamba has appeared before the Lusaka magistrate

 Police Inspector General Grapheal Musamba has appeared before the Lusaka magistrate in the case he stands accused of defamation by Socialist Party Zambia leader Fred M’membe.

The complaint is in relation to inspector General of police’ press briefing on August 8,2023 in which he said Dr M’membe’s statements on various social media platforms were inciting peace-loving Zambians into civil disobedience.

But Dr M’membe has stated that Musamba’s utterances in their natural and ordinary meaning were meant and understood to mean that he was instigating rebellion and anarchy in the country.

When the matter came up today Magistrate Chrispin Hampungani asked Simusamba why he never showed up before court. In response, the IG responded that he had consulted the state advocate who advised him not to come.

He has since been warned and advised to make himself available before court and in the case he fails , proper communications must be done explaining the reasons why he has failed to make it to court.

The matter has since been adjourned to Friday August 15 for another mention.

Earlier the prosecution team told the court that the Director of public prosecution DPP has not yet issued a consent letter to prosecute the matter.

The prosecution team has expressed ignorance as to why consent has not been given hence asking for an adjournment to allow them find out why consent to prosecute the matter has not been granted.




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