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Anothe hit by Alifatiq named Yayipa mbili yanga. He talks about people tarnishing his reputation just because he got rich and they want to say he sacrificed his family members. Alifatiq Yayipa Mbili Yanga MP3 has a great meaning. It happens that your poverty wont alert people, once you start having some money they start talking bad about you. 

What about those people in our family who died before i got rich? Who killed them? Now that i have gotten rich whoever dies in our family you say am responsible? Why are people not fair? 
Listening to Yayipa Mbili Yanga by Alifatiq can seriously give you a true picture of how exactly people are towards those who get rich. 
Yayipa mbili yanga produced by overdoze music.
mbili yanga by alifatiq



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