Gassing suspect said the got chemicals from zumani witness


A POLICE officer has told the Lusaka High Court that two suspects in the gassing case told him during interrogations that they got chemicals allegedly used for gassing from Chris Zumani Zimba. The witness was testifying in a matter in which Zimba, who is former president Edgar Lungu’s political advisor is jointly charged with Given Phiri, Marlone Banda and Portipher Gwai in connection with the 2020 gassing incidences. Zumani is facing one count of aiding of terrorism acts, while Phiri and Banda are facing one count of possession of terrorism articles, and Gwai is facing a charge of procures of terrorism articles. When the matter came up for trial before Justice Koreen Etambuyu Mwenda-Zimba, Kenneth Nkhuwa, an assistant police commissioner…...

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