Former First Lady Esther Lungu Released from Police Custody

Former First Lady Esther Lungu has been released from police custody after former President Edgar Lungu made a determined stand at the police station in Lusaka’s Ibex residential area. It was reported that the former President even entered the holding cells where his wife was detained.

The situation escalated when a significant number of Patriotic Front (PF) cadres and opposition political leaders began converging on the police station.

Mrs. Lungu was eventually released at approximately 21:00 hours local time.

This development unfolded against the backdrop of charges brought against Mrs. Lungu, including theft of motor vehicles, which had garnered significant attention and raised questions about the circumstances and implications of these charges.

While Mrs. Lungu’s release is a significant turn of events, investigations into the charges against her and her co-accused are expected to continue, and legal proceedings will determine the outcome of these allegations. The former First Lady was officially charged and arrested by the police on multiple counts, including theft of a motor vehicle. She faces three charges of Theft of Motor Vehicle, alongside four other individuals.

The co-accused in this case are James Phiri (49 years old), Lee Chisulo (31 years old), Kapambwe Lungu (42 years old), and Catherine Banda (30 years old), all residents of Lusaka.

In addition to the theft of motor vehicles, the group is also charged with one count of Theft of a Certificate of Title for a property located in Lusaka’s Libala South. Furthermore, Mrs. Lungu has been charged with the offense of Possession of Property Believed to be Proceeds of Crime.

Source: Lusaka Times 



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