Arriving on stage inside a coffin Diamond Platinumz πŸ’Ž

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Diamond Platinumz is among the popular artists.He is known for his vocals and passion in music composition.Indeed Diamond is among the artists with many followers on his social media pages.The popular Tanzanian Singer has left people surprised after his unusual stage arrival.The artist was carried inside a coffin during his arrival on stage for performance.

This incidence has aroused reactions among people as they share varying opinions via the social media platforms.Some people have linked this to cults as others claims that it is creativity.According to the video shared by Switch Kenya media, Diamond Platinumz's fans celebrated happily as he arrive on stage inside a coffin.

However what is your concern regarding Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz arriving on stage inside a coffin? What could be the reason behind the unexpected stage entry? Kindly share your comment and follow us for other more updates. 


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