15 Year Old Vubwi Boy Dies After Tones of Gold Fell on him

A 15-year-old boy has died after a mine collapsed on him in Vubwi district of Eastern province.

The minor named as Amadi Zulu, died after a makeshift mine he and his family members were digging in search for gold, fell on him in Chithumba area of Chief Pembamoyo.

Eastern Province Police Commanding Officer Limpo Liwyalii confirmed the incident.

The Police Commanding Officer said that the incident occurred on Thursday, August, 31, 2023 when the said teenager was mining gold in the river banks of Kangwamunyanga stream.

And according to Martin Mbewe , a witness close to the bereaved family, said the boy was in the company of two other family members who fortunately survived the mine breakdown.

“His two colleagues were saved in time but it was too late for Amadi as he was in the deepest part of the trench,” said Mr Mbewe.

Another eye witness said the victim’s mother witnessed the incident but stood helplessly as she was several meters away.

“The victim’s mother who happened to be not more than 30 meters away from the trench noticed the mine collapsing and shouted for help but it was too late to save the juvenile”, he said.

Meanwhile, the body of the minor was later retrieved and was buried yesterday at Mofati one village in Chief Pembamoyo area.

And Vubwi Constituency lawmaker, Ackleo Banda, advised local people to desist from engaging in illegal mining activities.

Mr Banda noted that the country has continued to witness unfortunate deaths caused by illegal mining activities adding that there was need for police to tighten security at Chithumba gold mine.

 “So long, that place remains open to everyone, I can assure you, we should expect more of such tragedies,” he said.

The Vubwi lawmaker however sympathized with the bereaved family on the loss of their loved one.

Chithumba area of Chief Pembamoyo in Vubwi district is notorious for illegal mining activities which residents engage in to mine for gold in smaller quantities.

Source: Lusaka times



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