ZANIS Technician Caught Red Handed On Top Of 10 Year Old Step Daughter


A TECHNICIAN working for ZANIS in Lusaka has been caught red-handed on top of his step-daughter aged 10.

According to reports, on July 15, Isaiah Chimwala detained juvenile stepdaughter in his bedroom after she was sent to put a baby to sleep.

After noticing that she had taken long to return, the victim’s aunt followed to the bedroom, where, lo and behold, she found Chimwala performing nyau dances on top of the girl.

After noticing that someone had walked in on him, Chimwala is said to have tossed the young girl from the bed before quickly slithering under the blanket and acted as if he was in deep sleep.

Convinced about what she had seen, the victim’s aunt used the probing skills of Teacher Naomi to enlicit the girl and what she heard shocked the entire family.

The victim opened up and revealed that Chimwala was in fact having sex with her and that was not the first time.

She revealed that for over a year, Chimwala would make her watch pornographic videos before defiling her.

Armed with that information the girl’s aunt informed Chimwala’s wife who in turn reported the matter to Kabwata Police Station.

Zambia Police Service spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed Chimwala’s arrest but had since been released on bond.

Hamoonga said Police had also confiscated Chimwala’s laptop which is said to have the pornographic material.

The alleged abuse of his biological GPI has shocked his co-workers who regard him a proficient and decent GPI.



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