Zambian man cancels wedding with Partner over Facebook Comment

Zambian man cancels wedding with Partner over Facebook Comment

Mazabuka man has reportedly cancelled wedding plans with fiance after seeing her Facebook Comment saying she will cheat for a K2000.

Bernard Mwiinga, aged 27, told The Update Correspondent in a WhatsApp chat that he has decided to call off the engagement after his wife-to-be, Michelo Mwaala, made a sarcastic comment on one of the postings on Facebook.

In a Facebook group called The Zambian Scorpion, someone updated a status with the Caption - " Would you ever cheat on your partner for a K10,000", Michelo, forgetting that her wedding is up in two weeks time, joined a group of desperate, hungry girls who made comments saying a K10,000 is even too much, that they can cheat for as low as a K100.

" Yonse iyo K10,000? Ine I can even cheat for a K2000," she commented.

Unfortunately for Michelo, her comment was spotted by some people who are close to her husband-to-be and they started targeting him under her Comment.

After opening the notification of the tags, Bernard got the shock of his life and that's how he decided to dump careless Michelo.

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