University Student David Mbale dies in Zambia


A 20-year-old first year student of Kapasa Makasa University of Chinsali district in Muchinga province has died after complaining of a sharp pain in the head.

David Mbale is believed to have complained of stomach and head aches and was administered with some medication at the school clinic.

A day after being administered with some medication, Mbale seemed fit and even dressed up to go to church.

However, he could not finish the church service as he was experiencing a sharp pain in the head and decided to go back to his room to sleep, but never woke up.

Muchinga province commanding officer Kaunda Mubanga said the incident occurred on August 13th, at around 10:50 hours at Kapasa Makasa University in Chinsali.

He said the report of the students death was lodged by the Assistant Registrar at the University, John Katongo, that the student had died in his room.

“Brief facts are that the now deceased ,David Mbale is a first year student and was sharing a room with Sipho Kambela aged 21 in Z- Hostel room # 406 who is a second year student in Cyber Security. The two stayed in peace since January, 2023. Preliminary investigations revealed that on August 10th, at around 19:00 hours, the now deceased complained to his roommate and girlfriend of stomach ache and headache,” he said.

He explained that on August 11th, he went to the campus clinic were he was given some pain killers.

Mr Mubanga said on August 13th, in the morning, the now deceased woke up and proceeded to church leaving his roommate behind.

“However, he did not finish the church service and decided to go back to the campus and slept because he was feeling a sharp pain in the head. His roommate found him sleeping in the room, but did not bother to wake him up. Following a lengthy sleep of the now deceased, he decided to wake him up,but to no avail,” he said.

Mr Mubanga said after observing him properly, he noticed some whitish vomit and blood oozing from his mouth and nostrils.

He said it was at this moment that the roommate called for help.

“The now deceased was quickly rushed to the Campus Clinic where he was pronounced dead and taken to Nambuluma Police Station as BID where a report was made. Acting on the report, officers inspected the body and found it intact with no visible injuries apart from the same vomits and blood oozing from both mouth and nostrils,” he said.



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