10 Types Of Relationship To Avoid in 2023

We are already in August of 2023; if you are in a foolish relationship, it's time to stop it and steer clear of these ten types of relationships in 2023 before it's too late.

Yes some issues exist in relationships but the bad should always be less than the good at that time you will enjoy your life. No relationship is perfect. Being single has its own impact too, so many are just dying inside for a proof of defense mechanism when in reality they need a partner. Polish up yourself and try again you may find a good person.  Read also: Reasons why you shouldn't date at work

Types Of Relationship


1. A relationship built solely on sex should be avoided. It won't survive. A relationship is a waste of time and destiny if all you do is sleep with each other rather than talking about topics that will improve your life.

2. Any relationship without a goal, direction, or direction should be avoided.

3. Steer clear of any relationships that don't enhance your life in any way.

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4. Break up with any relationship that causes you to experience more sadness than delight.

5. Leave any relationship that causes you to cry or that causes you to cry more often than you laugh.

6. Don't stay in a relationship with someone you love but who frequently causes you to be miserable.

7. Don't try to save a failing relationship when you spot the warning signs. IT SIMPLY CANNOT WORK. There's no need to stay in such a r/shp. Leave it behind.

8. Steer clear of any partnerships where you struggle to love your partner.

9. Stay away from any relationships that will confine you or prevent you from exercising your essential human rights. Even marriage shouldn't limit your ability to exercise your rights.

10. Lastly, and most crucially. Any relationship that will keep you from God should be avoided.


Generally relationships should be of that encouragement to both partners. No toxicity should be allowed because in most cases the end is not admirable. Talk about the things you need to maintain your relationship to give  smiles. 

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