​9 Reasons Why You Must Stop Being Too Nice

Being too nice to people can have both good and the bad out of it. Most people especially these days do not know how to appreciate nice people instead they see them as fools or desperate. Meanwhile being nice is good and if we can all be nice to everyone peace and love can improve. No violence and mistrust. From the look of things greediness has brought all the segregations and hatred. People who are nice have shown to be ungreedy and they have a good personality of helping but the problem is that we tend to look down on them exploit them and see them as 1diots.  here will give you the reasons why you may consider stopping to be nice. 

Being too nice can lead to people taking advantage of you exploit you.

1. ​People will take advantage of you

2. ​People will take you for granted

If you are consistently being nice, others will start taking your kindness for granted, and will not appreciate you.


​3. You'll lose your identity

Busy in being too nice to other, you'll forget your own needs. This will leas to stress, anxiety, and a diminished sense of self-worth.

4. ​People will manipulate you

People will use your niceness to manipulate you for their own benefit. They might guilt-trip you into doing things you don't want to do.

5. ​You''ll be seen as weak

When you are always nice, people will start seeing you as a pushover and an easy target.

​6. You'll find it difficult to say 'NO'

When you are being too nice, you'll find it difficult to say no to others which can lead to overcommitting yourself and in turn burnout and exhaustion.

​7. You may lose respect

Being too nice will result in you not standing up for yourself and that's how you'll lose respect in the eyes of others as well as yourself.

​8. You'll get hurt

When you are too nice, you keep giving second chances to people and keep getting hurt every time.


​9. You'll attract toxicity

Being a pushover and too nice attracts negative energy and you'll find yourself surrounded by negative and toxic individuals in your life. 
Personally i can encourage you to observe people. If they are nice to you then also be nice to them otherwise don't give a f;;uck to people who want to see your favor and help as trash.


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