State House plans to arrest Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba to silence him on the questions he has been asking on the Gold Scandal- Nakacinda


Nakachinda arrest


…State House plans to arrest Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba to silence him on the questions he has been asking on the Gold Scanda….

Lusaka- Thursday,17th August 2023

We have noted with concerns the attacks being made by State House rogue media, Koswe against the Patriotic Front.

Since the Gold Scandal occurred, State House, through their Koswe media have tried to link the Patriotic Front as a way to divert attention from the actual perpetrators.

We have noted that State House is plotting against many members including Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee and Deputy Chairperson for Information and Publicity, Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba.

We must place it on record that Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba has been in the fore front asking and demanding pertinent questions regarding the biggest scandal to occur in our country, the Gold scandal.

Amb. Mwamba has demanded for transparency and has repeatedly warned of a cover-up to the Gold Scandal that involves many senior people.

The crimes that occurred at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on 14th and 15th August 2023 involving millions of dollars, two private planes, suspected 127kg gold and guns, will not be wished away and the authorities have a duty to expose all criminals associated with this crime both state and public officials and those from private sector.

We dismiss the malicious assertions being made against Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba intended to silence him from demanding for transparency.

The Government of President Hakainde Hichilema must allow the Opposition to provide credible checks and balances against every matter regarding the public affairs of our country.

We have noted recent systematic attacks against members of the Opposition exercising their right to offer credible checks and balances.

Issued by;.Hon. Raphael Nakacinda

Member of the Central Committee

Chairperson of Information and Publicity,




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