Pastor Jimmy Kay Beaten Jobless Men


Pastor Jimmy Kay beaten! 


Pastor rJimmy Kumwenda, widely known as Jimmy Kay yesterday found himself at the receiving end of a painful mob beating that reduced his classy outfit to mare pieces of cloth hanging on his body.

The violent free-for-all beating erupted on Lusaka's Buyantanshi Road in Emmasdale area around 08:00 hours yesterday.


According to witnesses, trouble began when Pastor Jimmy Kay's BMW failed to maneuver past a truck that had blocked the road as he drove out of the Zambian Breweries premises.


After hooting several times, the irritated pastor who seemed to be in a hurry stepped out to ask the truck driver to create some room for his posch automobile.


But when 'Real Talk with Jimmy Kay' failed to achieve the intended result, the pastor took matters into his own bare knuckles and delivered a Mike Tyson-kind of jab to the stubborn cheeks of the driver and immediately rendered him unconscious. 


Upon seeing what happened, a nearby crowd of jobless young men that gathered near Nyati Milling hoping to chance some piece work seemed to have found some work to do - to exorcise the unwelcomed demons of violence out of the man of God.

While good Samaritans rushed the knocked out driver to a health facility, the crowd, descended on the helpless Pastor Jimmy Kay as if to offload the frustrations of joblessness handed him the mother of all capital city beatings.


It took the bravery of security guards in the vicinity who threw themselves in the melee and wrestled Pastor Jimmy Kay from the crowd and hid him in the safety of their guardroom.


But the damage had already been done as Pastor Jimmy Kay had already lost his designer jacket and his shirt,  punches had shredded his shirt to pieces leaving the tie hanging to his bare neck.


After an hour in asylum, Pastor Jimmy Kay was taken to Matero Police Station where he was detained for assault. 


By press time, Zambia Police Service deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale was yet to receive a report on the matter.


-Kalemba August 29, 2023



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