Signs that prove that you were not the problem in your past relationship

If you've had too many unsuccessful relationships, you could start to question whether you're the issue or whether other people are just not understanding. I'm sorry to be that person, but sometimes you need to work on yourself because you are the issue. These are some of the indications you will see when you were unquestionably not the issue, however there are situations when you aren't the issue.

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Signs You Were Not The Problem In Your Past Relationships

1. Excuses keep coming back: You were left devastated and perplexed by their lack of a coherent explanation, which left you wondering what went wrong. Unexpectedly, every person who left you and referred to you as tough eventually requested a comeback. Why would someone want to return to something that was purportedly unhealthy for them, you might wonder. It wasn't horrible; they just mistakenly believed they had found something superior, and after being let down, they now want to return and like nothing ever happened.

2. They want to be friends: They beg you to stay friends when you decline their offer of a return. They don't want a true friendship; they just want to keep you on their good side so they can take advantage of an opportunity when it comes along. So why do they want to be in your space so badly if you really are that bad?

3. They keep checking up on you: They persist despite your lack of desire in making friends with them; they simply don't get it. They'll say they were simply checking in when they phone or text at random. They'll read through all of your stories and remark. They will follow your pages, and their likes will continue to appear. Yes, everyone desires to keep in touch with admirable individuals.

4. They are at your beck and call: You can contact them if you need anything. They won't think twice to help you out if you need them in the middle of the night. It demonstrates how highly they regard you, and who would esteem someone so awful? Even if you don't call them often, they will still be there for you when you do.

If you are aware of all these indicators, you might not be as horrible as you think. So calm down and stop being so hard on yourself; you just haven't found your person yet. The proper match for you is out there, and Cupid is doing everything in his power to bring you together.



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