Motorbike Delivery Guy Caught Banging a Chilenje House Girl

Lusaka motorbike operater found himself in a sticky situation after he was caught eating a house girl in a Chilenje house on Saturday evening.

Motorbike being a means of transport which is able to reach places where other means like buses cannot get to and faster, it is reported that the motorbike operater was delivering goods to the housegirl’s employer.

The motorbike man identified as Ramadhan is said to be taking advantage of his clients whenever he is sent to their houses.

According to a eyewitness he said that, the housegirl’s employer had left for work but when he reached in town he did house shopping and let his motorcycle guy drop the goods.

A colleague to Ramadan said that Ramadan made moves to his female clients where he never accepts to be paid in cash but in kind.

“We have had clients complaining that Ramadan has been sleeping with his clients and their employees.” He said.

But according to residents in Chilenje, the house girl employer identified as John wanted to test the authenticity of the reports he has been receiving that Ramadan could be sleeping with his wife and his housegirl.

A close friend to John said that John had informed him that he had soughted an advice from a traditional doctor and wanted to find out whether it was working.

“In less than 20 minutes, John called me and told me that he had been notified that there was something happening in his house. He told me to join him.” He said.

He affirmed that indeed they found Ramadan on top of the housegirl adding “They were absent minded.”

Neighbours said that later they found that John had been given a medicine that alerts him whenever his wife or his house girl is sleeping with men.



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