Mealie meal

Governance and Development Advocates Zambia has warned mealie meal traders to avoid being used by unscrupulous entities with a mission destabilise the nation to champion the escalation of prices in the commodityof staple food on the market.

Executive Director Elias Mulenga has observed that the check in most milling plants and with the Millers association of Zambia has proved that there is enough maize on the market and that can not warrant the artificial increase in Mealie meal prices.

Mr Mulenga said the food Reserve Agency has since bought 146,946 metric tonnes of maize from our local farmers which is in reserves therefore there is no need for citizens to panic by escalating exorbitant prices which is causing unnecessary tension regarding food security in the country.

Mr Mulenga has appealled to all Provincial Ministers to ensure that the local authorities and other concerned wings engenges in the enforcement and control the staple food price crisis.

Mr Mulenga noted that the issue at hand is not the shortage of maize but the price control that needs to be checked and regulated.

Mr Mulenga said that in a liberalised economy traders are free to trade but it should not get to where we are going as a country we need to feel for each other.

He further advised food reserve agency to insure that there is coordination and collaboration between the Millers and the traders in price control of mealie meal countrywide.



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