Iris Kaingu champagne brand expected to make k200,000 within 20 minutes

Iris Kaingu the famous woman whose video went viral at some point is set to launch her own champagne brand. From reliable sources the information was gathered about iris launching her own champagne brand.

We have know a lot about this woman and its time that we get to another chapter of knowing her full capacity to own a brand in the alcohol industry. 

The launch is set to 13th August this year. The champagne brand owned by a Zambian socialite Iris Kaingu will be people's favorite since many people especially men have showed a kin interest in whatever this beautiful woman does.

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iris kaingu champaigne brand

Has she stopped the politics game? we are yet to enquire from her since business also needs attention from her. 

The ticket will be selling for about k2000 per person during launch and we expect a lot of people attending this event which we anticipate more money amounting to not less than k200,000. Event organizer said.

 What is the name of  her champagne brand 

The brand name of iris champagne is not yet given to the public. The reason is know to her and the other brand managers. She is likely to announce the name of her champagne brand during launch on 13th August. We have so may issues with naming these elegant liquor just like it happend with  Mr P from Nigeria, they finally named it though a lot of controversies were raised agaisnt the name. However we have hope that such issues  wont be there with Iris Kaingu champagne brand  

Who is Iris kaingu?

iris champagne brand
Iris Kaingu is the daughter of former Justice Minister Michael Kaingu. She's a flying queen, and everyone in Zambia knows Iris Kaingu, Zambia's top socialist. She is one of Zambia's most attractive girls, and she is well-known on social media for her viral trends, which have caused others to want to learn more about her.

Six (6) Interesting Facts about iris Kaingu

Iris Kaingu quickly rose to prominence in the entertainment industry. Slowly gained traction, gaining followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, transforming her into a celebrity. We've decided to share 6 Interesting Facts About Iris Kaingu with you below.

1. She is stunning.

Despite her fame and popularity, she has continued to stand apart through an adult tape. Iris Kaingu is the perfect example of how beautiful Zambian women are. Let's face it, look at her eyes, nose, and skin tone, not to mention the long lovely smile that seems to draw most guys who leave nice great comments on her Facebook page.

2. Is From A Christian Family

Most people have stood to criticize Iris, calling her names and even blaming her parents. Whatever road this lady has chosen to take. She has nothing to do with her hometown. Mother and father are both active members of the New Apostolic Church.

3 .She has a soft spot for the poor.

Despite her nicknames, Iris has proven to be a saint to many people, particularly the less fortunate in society. Respects Zambian cultural traditions and created the Kaingu foundation for orphans and the elderly last year in 2019. Clearly, she has overcome all difficulties and taken on a challenge that many of her critics have not.

4. She is wealthy.

iris kaingu wealth

Iris Kaingu is not just the Queen of Social Media, but also one of Zambia's most accomplished women today. Educated and running a diverse range of enterprises ranging from hotels to reserve packs to lodges and transportation. Iris Kaingu's net worth is believed to be $8000 dollars. She owns Kaingu Safari Lodge, works harder and glides further each year, and is the most featured individual in Zambian journals and newspapers. She is mostly invited to VIP events, and prominent government officials continue to treat her preferentially.

5. You'll adore the Iris Kaingus.

She is the first born of four lovely female siblings. Continued to demonstrate her bonds to family by posting on her page and urging people not to be like her and cause relatives pain. Spices the family legacy, and everyone in the lineage of Kaingu blood has exquisite soul-taking beauty and eyes, unless you're a hater.

6. She owns expensive automobiles.

A classic lady must have cars, and Iris Kaingu isn't short on magnificent, admired vehicles. Has some of the most costly automobiles in the country. Iris drives a Toyota Hilux, a Ford Ranger, and a BMW model from 2017. achieved notoriety following the viral s***** video that surfaced during her time at ZCAS in Lusaka Zambia.

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