Hichilema Orders Police To Transfer Me To Serenje- Fred M’membe

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We have been reliably informed that Mr Hichilema has ordered the Zambia Police Service to transfer me to Serenje District in Central Province.

Mr Hichilema has insisted that I should be taken to Serenje before sunset today.

Subsequently, the Police high- command are currently making plans for my immediate movement to Serenje as instructed by Mr. Hichilema.

Just as I said a few days ago, the so-called invitation to appear at Ibex Hill Police station was nothing but a false display.

Ever since the Serenje incident occurred about four months ago, the Police have failed to find something on me and subsequently charge and arrest me given that there hasn’t been any basis to justify such an action.

But due to excessive pressure from Mr Hichilema, the Police command last Saturday, dispatched a team to Choma to get a statement from a UPND cadre they claim was injured on the head.

These desperate manoeuvres by Mr Hichilema only reveal that he is still politically immature to preside over a thriving multiparty democracy like Zambia.

It also shows that Mr Hichilema is an autocrat who is only prepared to govern a country where all opposition political parties and government critics are obedient praise singers.

But it shall not happen. The Zambian people shall not allow it. Like we keep saying, trumped- up charges or not against us; we are resolved to thwart his plans to make this country a sham multiparty democracy.

Why is Mr Hichilema so narrow- minded? Why is he so delicate? Why is he so afraid of criticism? Why does he want to be idolised?

Let Mr Hichilema know that the new Zambia he envisions, where he is more or less like an emperor or sovereign, and the citizens, his subjects to be governed by decree, will never happen.

We are ready to fight his tyranny!

Fred M’membe


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