HH Is Eating Too much, He Must Go--Seer 1

seer 1 hh must go


● HH has failed but UPND is far bigger than HH and must stay in power.

● What we have seen after elections is a leader that can’t look after the poor, he can’t look after UPND Cadres.

● People sacrificed, people sold property to support HH. But he is selfish engaged in corrupt deals, he is doing deals.

● HH must go now, but if he doesn’t go now,he will defnitely go in 2026.

● HH will spend his life in Prison because of all the corrupt deals.is engaged in.

● We want UPND to stay in power but without HH. HH must go.

● I control Social-media in Zambia and most of them are linked to me.

● I used to run HH’s page during campaign period, I was deciding what needed to be posted.

● UPND cadres are hungry. They have remained poor.

● Community House is like a Kitchen to my new house.

● If I want money, If I want $100,000 State House will give me. But it is not about money. HH is eating alone. HH must NOT alone. They are selfish, they are eating alone.

● Alexander (Nkosi), State House called you because I asked them to call you.

● My crime is that all those that fought for HH must eat. But they are selfish, eating alone.

● Cadres are suffering, look at their regalia. Look at the uniform they are wearing. Finished and useless uniform. It’s finished and old. They can’t buy them new regalia. Look at PF, they have better quality uniform, clean uniform.

● If you are still a Praise Singer, you are fool, you an idiot, you must open your eyes. We started this Praise Singer movement. We are the one that were praising.

● As Praise Singers, we stopped praising because we realized that they are criminals and are eating alone.

● Edgar Lungu did a lot of things.



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