Harry Kalaba a Gold mafia caught on camera

Harry kalaba

Aljazeera Journalist has documented Zambia’s citizen First Party President Harry Kalaba today at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport being a beneficiary of ‘Gold’ from Zimbabwe.

Through his continued work to uncover those involved in Gold both in Zimbabwe and Zambia through a documentary ‘Gold Mafia’, Kalaba has been confronted having covered up documents and receiving a bribe while he was still foreign Affairs Minister.

Aljazeera Journalist asked Mr. Kalaba if he was happy that people where dying in Zimbabwe because of the Gold Mafias he is allegedly involved in.

Watch Harry Kalaba getting suprised after being caught on camera.

Harry Kalaba is qurried over a ‘Fake’ Video document where he put a Zambian logo to cover up an Audit in money laundering activities where Zimbabwean nationals are being investigated.

Kalaba was also promised an IPhone 15 which does not exist.



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