10 Ladies Diamond Platinumz Has Dated And Dumped

Ladies Diamond Platinumz Has Dated And Dumped

Jacqueline Wolper

A Bongo Flava actress. Diamond dated her a couple of months before they dropped out. Even after splitting they still remained good friends.

Tunda Sebastian


The two were rumored to be dating back in 2018 after screenshots of the two partying went viral.

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Irene Uwouya

She is one of the most incredible Bongo entertainers in Tanzania. She was rumored to be dating Diamond, back in 2018 after diamond posted her photo on his social media account.

Aunt Ezekiel

The two were having a thing however Aunt Ezekiel denied saying what the two had was recently a progression of end tables.

Jokate Mwegelo

She is a Tanzanian model. Diamond started an affair with Jakote while still with Wema Sepetu who was Jakote friend at that time.

Wema Sepetu

diamond platinumz ladies.

Wema will stand out forever as one of the women who withstood heartbreak taking dating into account.

She is a Bongo actress. Diamond undermined her on different occasions with Jokate and Peny as well as with video ladies.

Penny Mungilwa

She is a famous Tanzanian TV host. Their relationship was however short-lived. After parting ways, Diamond went back to Wema.

Zari Hassan


A famous Ugandan socialite and a business lady. Their relationship began when the two were chipping away at a music video. They became public after their compromising pictures were released on the web. Diamond was still dating Wema at that time.

Hamisa Mobetto

The two began seeing each other after Hamisa was included in the Salome tune as a video lady.

Tanasha Dona

The two dated for almost a year and they separated in April 2020.

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