Congolese Man Marries 3 Sisters, Triplets. Here is why.

 Congolese Man Marries 3 Sisters

A Congolese man named Luwizo has gotten married to triplets after the sisters insisted on him marrying all of them at once. The unusual wedding ceremony took place in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on Saturday, April 19, 2023.

Luwizo, a 32-year-old businessman, met the triplets—Nana, Nene, and Nini—at a local market, where they were selling fruits and vegetables. He was immediately attracted to their beauty and charm and decided to approach them. He soon found out that they were identical sisters, born on the same day and hour.

He asked for Nana's phone number, but she refused to give it to him unless he also took the numbers of her sisters. Luwizo agreed, thinking that he would only call Nana later. However, he was surprised when all three sisters called him back and demanded that he date them all together.

Luwizo was reluctant at first, but he soon fell in love with the triplets' personalities and sense of humour. He also enjoyed spending time with them as a group, as they shared many interests and hobbies. He decided to propose to Nana, but she told him that he had to marry all three of them or none of them.

Luwizo was shocked by this request, as he knew that polygamy was illegal in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.He tried to convince the sisters to change their minds, but they were adamant that they wanted to share him as their husband. They said that they had always done everything together since they were born and that they could not imagine living apart from each other or from him.

Luwizo consulted his family and friends, who advised him against marrying the triplets. They warned him that he would face legal and social consequences for breaking the law and the norms. They also questioned how he would be able to afford and satisfy three wives at once.

However, Luwizo was determined to follow his heart and make the triplets happy. He said that he loved them equally and that he was ready to face any challenges that might arise from their unconventional marriage. He also said that he had enough money and resources to support his large family.

He arranged for a traditional wedding ceremony with the consent of the triplets' parents, who were also supportive of their daughters' decision. The ceremony was attended by hundreds of guests, who were curious and amazed by the sight of the groom and his three identical brides. The brides wore matching white dresses and veils, while the groom wore a blue suit.

The wedding was officiated by a local chief, who blessed the union and gave his approval. He said that he respected the choice of the couple and that he hoped that they would live happily ever after. He also said that he did not care about the legal ban on polygamy, as he believed that it was a part of traditional culture.

The newlyweds said that they were overjoyed by their wedding and that they looked forward to starting their lives together as a family. They said that they planned to have children soon and that they hoped to have more triplets or quadruplets. They also said that they did not care about what other people thought or said about them as long as they had each other's love and support.



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