Rock weighing 41 kilograms ‘falls’ from the sky


Rock from sky

VILLAGERS in Kasempa District of North-Western province were awakened to a loud bang that seemed to them like a plane failing from the sky.

Because of the loud bang that shook most parts of the area, the villagers curiously made way to the site which was a farm belonging to one of them.

To their surprise, they found a huge stone, which had allegedly fallen from the sky and may possibly be a meteorite.

The huge stone is said to weigh 41 kilograms, while other debris is also weighing 7.6 kilograms

However, North-Western province commanding officer Dennis Moola said experts have been called on ground to access what the rock mass is.

The area has been sealed because part of the rock which weighed 7.6kilograms was taken by some villagers, who later returned it.

Mr Moola said the stone fell on Saturday and a team comprising officers and district operations officers embarked on a journey to Muswoneji following the report of the rock fall.

“Police were informed that a big sound that engulfed the district on Saturday happened near a farm belonging to Converse Mwabila. The team drove and met the informer at Mr Mwabila’s farm and walked about 2.8km to a nearby farm where the object landed,” he said.

Mr Moola explained that the team found that some villagers had already started digging, but stopped them, secured the scene and inspected it.

“Later in digging, it was discovered that it was a big stone which was found at a depth of 10.5cm and it went as far as 1.4mts deep. This stone weighed 41.4kg. After finishing removing it, the team was taken to yet another place 6km away from the first place, where we also found a stone which had already been picked by villagers,” he said.

He explained that the team was also shown where it hit a branch of a tree and also on the ground the whole force ended up on the tree branch.



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