Government To Recruit 4,500 Teachers Before End Of 2023

Government To Recruit 4,500 Teachers
Education Minister Douglas Syakalima has announced that government preparation to recruit 4,500 teachers this year is underway.

Syakalima says the recruitment process will commence as soon as the audit exercise of the 30,496 teachers that were recruited and deployed last year is complete.

Syakalima was speaking in his Office yesterday July 19,2023.

“The Government is conducting an audit to determine the number of teachers who reported, did not report, quit, or died from the 30,496 recruited last year. As soon as we know these figures we will proceed with another exercise of recruiting the 4,500 teachers this year,” Syakalima said.

He explained that the country currently has about 70,000 qualified unemployed teachers and that even if the government had resources to recruit all of them, there will still be a deficit of teachers in the country.

Syakalima added that there is still a long way to go but that the Government has started to ensure that Teachers are recruited.

“People should not panic because the Education For All (EFA) policy demands that the government employs more teachers so that the country reaches the 8th National Development Plan (8NDP) target of 1 teacher per 45 pupils.

He reiterated that Government through the Ministry of Education will endeavour to have recruitments every year in order to eventually address the shortage of teachers in all learning facilities across the country. (MoE Communications)



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