Lusaka Man Fakes Son’s Death To Get K2,400 Funeral Grant

A 23-YEAR-OLD Lusaka man has been taken to court for allegedly obtaining K2,400 from his employer after he lied that his son had died.

 David Sikazwe, a general worker, is charged with one count of obtaining money by false pretenses. 

It is alleged that Sikazwe, on May 6, 2023, with intent to deceive, obtained K2,400 cash from his employer Lucky Chama by falsely pretending that his son had died and that he needed a funeral grant, when in fact not.
Lusaka Man Fakes Son’s Death To Get K2,400 Funeral Grant

 According to information gathered, on May 30, 2023, a human resource manager of Trade Zone Limited in the light industrial area, whose duties include overseeing the welfare of the workers, was visited by Sikazwe in her office. 

Sikazwe informed her that his son died and he is in need of funeral grant when not true.

The human resources officer immediately arranged for the funds after talking to the boss. 
Mr Sikazwe walked away with a K2400 cash after thanking the boss and human resources officer. 

It was later discovered that  he lied about the death of his son when fellow workers went to pay tribute to the loss. They were surprised that information was not know by the wife about the death of their son.  It was at that point when everything tuned to sour for Mr Sikazwe.
 Due to some dispute with some fellow workers Sikazwe was reported to the boss about the lie he used to get a K2,400. However he did not disclose what the money was used for not even to his wife. 


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