Signs You Are Dating A Faithful Woman

There are signs when you are dating a faithful partner. There are signs when you are dating a faithful man and there are signs when you are dating a faithful woman. 

Here are signs you are dating a faithful woman.

1.She does not make relationship with any other man. Some women seek outside relationship with other men. When a woman is faithful to you, she does not make relationship with other men. She loves you alone and get satisfied with you alone.

2.She gives you enough respect. She listen to what you are talking about a d take action immediately. She does not interrupt your while you are talking or comment anything before you finish talking. She does not disagree with you suggestions.

3.She reveals all her secrets and plans to you. She tells you all her secrets and gives you her plans she has. Whatever she is planning to do she will tell you and reveal all her secrets.

4.She informs you anything she wants to do before she has done it. Some women do things without will from their men.But when a woman is faithful to you, she consults you first before she do it.

5.She alerts everyone to know that you are the one making relationship with her. She introduce you to her friends a d family members that you are her man who he is making relationship with.

6.She spends most of time with you. When she is faithful to you, she spends most of her free time with you.This is because she loves you alone who she should spend with her.

7.She makes you happy always. She creates jokes and funny everytime to make you smile and laugh.She wants you to be happy all the time.

8.She responds faster when you are sick.She makes sure you get medical attention immediately when you get sick to ensure you have recovered in an immediate effect.



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