Signs that your partner no longer loves you

signs he doesn't love you

It is not easy being in a relationship and don't know if everything is going great. Your partner suddenly becomes distant and stop doing the things they did for you. You then start to wonder if they really loved you. It is important to know that even if someone loves you, they won't always act like it. There are different factors that affect how someone acts in a relationship. It may be hard to tell if your partner's action is as a result of going through a tough time or falling out of love with you.

Here are the signs:

(1)They are no longer affectionate

If you notice that your partner is no longer affectionate then it means they are no longer interested in you. A sudden change in physical touch such as hugging, holding hands or physical intimacy can be a big indicator that something is changing in the relationship. If your partner was verbally affectionate and then suddenly they are not saying anything, this can also be a sign that their feelings have changed.

(2)They make excuses to avoid spending time with you

Some excuses such as being busy at work or needing some time alone may mean they no longer want to be around you. They might also make plans without you or cancel plans you had together at the last minute without a good reason. It is normal for a couple to need some time alone but if your partner is making excuses to be with you, it could be a sign they are trying to distance themselves from you because they are no longer in love.

(3)They seem distracted when you are together

Distraction can be a good sign that a person is not interested in the relationship. If they are not making eye contact and doing other things when together then they are trying to tell you that they would rather be somewhere else.



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