Chinese Company Discovers Expensive Mineral Few Weeks After Buying Land in Palabana, Chongwe.

 A Chines company discovered a precious mineral few weeks after buying land from a woman in Palabana of Chongwe district. 

The confirmatory meeting was being held today on 15th of July 2023 at the same farm by the Chinese staff and local authorities.

The details of the story is that a Chinese company approached a woman in Palabana Chongwe to discuss buying off her land at a very good price. Since the amount offered by the buying firm was so good the woman did not hesitate she immediately agreed and the land was sold out to the Chinese company.


Further, Chinese company offered to build the house for the woman if she so wished as a Compensation to disturbance the company would have caused.

Pabanana mine

                                                                      meeting pictures  at Palabana Mine

About 10 hectors of land acquired by the Chinese was Discovered to have an expensive mineral few weeks later after it was acquired by the Chinese company. However, the details of the mineral was not revealed by the company.

The meeting and good affirmation by the company about an expensive mineral has given hope for the community of Palabana. The managing staff of the company is currently promising good paying jobs for the youths of the area when all is in place. 

Palabana Mine by chinese company

Palabana in chongwe district has an area called "Chi 2 Ngwe" where there is a big plateau of  stone covering about 1square Kilometer. The stone was named due to the appearance it has like that of an old 2 Nqwe Zambian coin. The place is stony and many people from abroad have visited leaving hope that many previous stones would be discovered. Today we can happily believe in the words said decades ago. Said a resident of Chala compound.

The establishment of the nine will be concluded in few weeks and the stake holders were assured of employment opportunities for the people of  Palabana and the country at large.

The question is:  Was the mineral discovered before or after buying land from the woman? 

mineral palabana chongwe 

We still have more investigations to be done and will be updating the public here at or download PaZapp for quick stories.



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