My Sister's Husband Says Am A Champion In Bed Than My sister. 23 Year Old Chilanga Girl

 In Zambia we have a culture of keeping in-laws for reasons ranging from orphaned, not able to keep themselves, still in school or any other reasons. Especially a newly married couple tends to be attractive in the ayes of family members having the excitement of seeing two different people staying together for the first time.

It is a good idea to keep in-laws both male and female at home since it also shows how committed a man is to the wife's family as per Zambian culture. However, the so called in-laws can unknowingly break homes especially those with wild behaviors.

Chilanga girl sister husband

A 23 year old girl of Freedom compound in Chilanga said she has been sleeping with the sister's husband and he really enjoys it more than his wife.  

The story was confirmed by Bana Chimbusa after Selita went to seek help. My husband comes back drunk  late in the evenings at home without knowing they have been drinking together with my young sister and also sleeping together many times.

I first suspected my husband knowing each other with my young sister when he bought her an Iphone last year in December costing K12000. He has never bought me such an expensive phone ever since we got married 4 years ago. Said Selita. 

I am the bread winer in my family since i got married to  well to do man here in Chilanga but what my sister has been doing behind my back is hurting me day and night. I have asked her several time about it but she refuses till today when she opened up that she wants to be my husband's second wife since she is a rock star in bed than me. 

Right now am confused  because Eunice is my young sister i have trusted for many years and she used to know my relationship with my husband before any family member. She ia sisters keeper but am surprised what she has  done today.

Eunice clearly came out in the eyes of Bana Chimbusa saying she wants to be my Mai NINI because my husband tells her she is better in bed than i am.

I want my family to know about this development but am not so strong to discuss it with them so am asking you Bana Chimbusa to present this matter to my mother and uncle.

I have one child with bashi Thando maybe it could be  the reason why we cant see a second born, he is busy with my young sister. 

All i need is discipline to this young girl and i will never forgive her for the heartache she has caused. My husband is no longer giving me money and attention. They go out together for shopping and drinking thinking he is just being a good Mulamu.

I willingly invited Eunice to stay with us since she is still doing her teaching program at Chalimbana university. She knows how tough things are at mum's place and i did this to make her be able to concentrate to her studies while my husband and i takes care of the rest. But today she has betrayed me thinking am a fool.

Never again will i invite any of my female relatives to visit my house. Said Selita with tears.



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