"Hubby's Best Congolese Friend Tricked me Into Sleeping With Him After Realizing Hubby Had a Health Issue" Wendy.

 woman slept with congolese friend

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Hear the story of how a Ndola woman slept with a Congolese friend of her husband due to health problem of his man that made him fail to make her feel like a woman.

Wendy Kabaso is a single mother of five children and she has painfully narrated her story on how she lost her marriage.

According to 
Wendy Kabaso, she was married with a wedding ceremony where she has revealed that she kept herself pure till she was married.

Wendy claims that her ex-husband did not reveal to her that he had a health issue before she got married to him.

Wendy claims that after their wedding, they went for a honey moon and she hoped everything would be good until her husband denied her conjugal rights without giving her reasons.

After their honeymoon, Wendy decided to invite her best maid and explained everything to her where she promised to discuss with her husband so that he would have a word with her husband.

Wendy claims that instead of her husband's best Congolese friend solving their marital issue, he tricked her into sleeping with him where she innocently accepted.

She claims that the man continued to sleep with her until when her husband opened up on having a health issue and decided to visit a hospital where he was treated and healed.

Wendy and her husband were blessed with the first, second and third kid where her husband asked her not to get pregnant again since he was okay with the three kids.

Wendy claims that she unknowingly got pregnant and that's when hell broke, she claims that her husband denied the child and he would treat the kid differently from the rest.

She got pregnant with her fifth born and this time her husband turned into an alcoholic and decided to abandon her with their five kids.

Wendy  claims that it has been years since they separated but she has never seen or heard anything concerning her husband.

She claims that she is struggling with her five kids and life has not been easy since the separation.


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