Catholic Bishop Resigns After Falling In Love

 A  catholic bishop  decided to stop his Godly duty after falling in love with a woman. A 52 year old priest from Spain betrayed his long served passion after tasting how love feels.

A catholic priest who said the resignation was due to his personal reasons could not resist the beauty of a woman after year of enduring the age men get after seeing a beautiful woman. 

bishop resinsg after falling in love
It was later on when the circle of priests noticed the changes in the 52 year old that caught them attention. 

When asked the priest said he had better things to do than leaving a loveless life. A woman is special in the image of God and women were created to be loved by us, said the priest after further questioning by friends. 

The woman a catholic bishop fell in love with is an author of the demonic novel. This gave a lot of catholic church members attention especially those who knows the woman. 

Bishop Xavier got support about the move he made majorly from the 2 ministers of belonging to separatist movement.

When the priest was asked about his decision he said it was time for him to do the right thing buy falling in love with Silvia despite her being the writer of pornographic trilogy Amnesia. 

Despite the story another issue about bishop Xavier is that he was involved in gay conversion therapy. He also supported different groups contrary to the beliefs of catholic church.

Not only falling in love he was also supporting the Catalan independence whose administrators got jailed.

The who story of this bishop was discovered after falling in love with a woman who is controversial in the manner Catholic bishops believe. She attracted him but the charm she used no one understand, people said.

The priest however, assured people and the friends that the move of falling in love does not move him away from god.



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