Witchdoctor Arrested For Swindling People In Palabana Chongwe .

Witchdoctor arrested in palabana for swindling

A witchdoctor arrested for swindling over k40,000 from a widow and several people in palabana, chongwe. 

A 34 year old  witch doctor in chongwe has been incarcerated by palabana police for swindling money from people who went to seek help .

The detail of the story is that between September and October 2019 a witch doctor advertised money multiplication to the community of palabana in chongwe  as one of the services he offered.

Many people visited mr Moses mutale (witchdoctor) for help in different issues . 

Those who wanted money multiplications gave the amounts according to what the spirits demanded , a victim said . 

The amount of money  differed per person due to the fact that the spirits were to decide. Claimed witchdoctor . One of the victim said he even assure her that he helped a lot of people including ministers who are rich now . 

Mr Moses mutale when asked said Within a week he managed to raise about  k40000  from palabana customers. 

2 weeks passed the witch doctor never delivered the promised amount of Moneies to the victims. That’s is when issues and concerns started from the victims . 

Some  of the victims reported to palabana police post for help and some of them complained bitterly. 

I used all the money that I borrowed since the witchdoctor promised me huge sums of money but I never received any coin. Said a widow. 

Palabana police hunted for the swindler but did not manage to find them to which the issue remained silent till today around 19hrs when they were caught in chongwe. 

The suspect witchdoctor was caught today together with his two friends who were invited to further swindle people of chongwe . However the witchdoctor has today received the consequences of his deeds. 

Upon arrival at palabana police the witchdoctor was questioned further about the issue and he agreed to the allegations. further , he said he has been doing this to make money for his family. He said that he was sorry for the action he did and asking for forgiveness form god and people he wronged . 

Using false pretense to obtain money from people is against the law according to Section 307 of the Penal Code (Ch. 26)of the laws of Zambia . 

The case will be presented to relevant authorities for trial and proceedings.

Witch doctors have been swindling people of money for various reasons ranging from get rich quick, infertility and many others . 

People are advised to Shan themselves from such issues if they want to maintain security of their money. 

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