Dangerous stepfather in court for allegedly difiling two daughters


SOME houses are nolonger safe for little girls, like the one in 10 Miles where a stepfather has allegedly been defiling his two step daughters each time their mother is intoxicated with beer.

The victims, aged 9 and 13, later informed their predicament to their mother before fleeing to their maternal grandmother for their safety.

By the time the duo were seeking refuge at the grandma’s place, one of them had allegedly developed some rush on her genitals which were also painful.

The man at the centre of the alleged sexual gender based violence against the little ones is Mathius Moonga, 29, who has been slapped with two counts of defilement, an offence which allegedly happened between 2021 and April this year.

It is alleged that he would at the material times, the accused, who is appearing before the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court, would sneak into the room where the girls slept and took turns to sexually abuse them.

He would do so at times after coming drunk from a drinking spree with his wife, the mother of a child who is reported to be an alcoholic.

But the children later fled from the home and reported their misfortune to their grandmother who later reported the matter to the police and an effort to seek justice for the girls.



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