At least Am Not Gay, I Have Fun with Girls -Mainga mwanga

Mainga mwanga Zambian men don’t know fun

Stop talking about me . Most of you men in Zambia don’t know how to have fun. Jealous won’t take you anywhere.

Just because I am good at making girls happy, spoil them than you do doesn’t  necessarily tell you am a bad dude. 

In the mid of this week a famous socialite Mainga mwanga was seen in a video having fun with girls in a nice looking house. Girls were happy as the man of the day was carrying a 3rd girl with a smile on the face. 

The video is here have an eye for some smiles

I have not offended anyone so far am just a good and jovial man most girls love. 

You think I have no sense? I make sure I don’t commit any crime , all girls I go out with to spoil  are adults and very willing to go out with me. We go as far as Livingstone and many beautiful places in Zambia just to have fun. 

So there is really a big job to be done for people who think am stupid for what am doing. You too make money and enjoy life. Women won’t go for a broke man. Learn to work hard and have fun with anyone, anywhere and anytime you feel like. Talking doesn’t benefit anyone if you subject it to gossiping about other people

 Enjoy yourselves men!  There is nothing in this world that will make you happy if you are not willing to, said Mainga mwaanga 

Even health people have advised me to have a good time for my physical and mental well being so who are you “Ba fikamba imwe” to judge me? 

Learn to appreciate the beauty of nature as a man . God gave us girls to enjoy with. The good part is that am not gay and am just exercising my nature as a man. 

~Mainga Mwanga 



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