Mainga mwanga video published and live

Mainga video leaked

Mwanga Mainga video is trending on different social media platforms. He featured someone’s girlfriend who is currently wondering how the whole issue is going. 

Zambian socialite Mainga Mwanga is yet in the news on social media after a new clip of him with an unknown y0ung p3rs0n video  shar3d on Facebook. Iris kaingu champagne brand 

The video  shows Mainga lifting the named girl while another one is cheering in the background at an unknown apartment.

The video shared and seen by pamulomo Zambia is everywhere on Facebook and some people are praising him that he has something to give them for the month of August which many would love to talk about.

Here is the video of mainga mwanga with a girl 

Read what he said today: At least am not gay coz i enjoy with girls 


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