Mwizukanji Discloses Her Resignation From Jelumu

 Mwizukanji resigns from jelumu



In response to the ongoing speculations.

It was a pleasure to work with Jelumu Zambia for almost 3 years as brand ambassador and later as head of corporate sales and marketing.

We however parted ways amicably in March 2023 when i tendered my resignation.

I must assume the purpose of the announcement today was to help valued clients as well as would be clients to know that inquiries and any Jelumu related issues were to be directed to the appropriate offices.

Growth comes with new opportunities that I have chosen to embrace and pursue.

God has brought us thus far and I believe the future is bright for all of us.

Best Regards.

Prudence Kaphukie Nakamba Mwizukanji

The  (Jelumu) company wrote

This is to officially inform the public that Mwizukanji is no longer part of Jelumu Either As an employee or representative of the brand.
Management is thankful.
As Jelumu we wish her all the best.



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