Hungry Lion East Park Outlet On Fire .

Fire at hungry lion east park mall

“Fire at hungry lion east park mall”

Hungry lion east park mall outlet is currently facing a tragedy which will make the company lose thousands of kwachas. 

Hungry lion fire east park mall

 Just now at 23:29hrs hungry lion east park outlet is on fire and the fire fighting team is currently doing its job. 

According to investigations (presumptively) the fire was due to a faulty car that was parked near the outlet.

Some people says when the car parked near hungry lion east park outlet got ignited sparks  snapped with force reaching a cable that was near entrance of the hungry lion.

As we are talking now the hungry lion outlet in Lusaka east park is on fire. 

The fortunate part was that the fire started slowly till most individuals noticed it. They immediately gave signal to relevant authority belonging to the company. 

So far the damage is huge and we just pray they did not lose major machinery that determines the business prosperity. 

Chelston  residents near the east park hungry lion outlets are now finding ways to help the company find more details about the cause of fire. 

The fire was first shown on media by nkani . Further information about fire at hungry lion east park mall came through phone to Pamulomo Zambia by a concerned citizen. We are yet as the media to dog more about the allegations. 

We will have more details and correct information once full investigation is done. 




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