Bank of Zambia Facebook page hacked and Employees Home

Hacked facebook page bank of zambia

bank of Zambia Facebook page hacked and all employees sent home. 

THE Bank of Zambia has sent all Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) employees home, saying “we’ll communicate”.

 Last Friday, BoZ took possession of DBZ saying it had determined that the bank was under capitalised. 

And when some employees reported to work on Saturday, they were not allowed to access the building while when they reported yesterday, they were escorted to their stations only to handover. “We all don’t know what’s happening. 

That announcement took us by surprise and then we went to the office today, we just found some serious screening going on and we were escorted to our stations to handover and then go home. All they said was that they will communicate. We don’t know the government plans

Did that led to  bank of Zambia Facebook page being hacked?

 In the evenings of Sunday a bank of Zambia Facebook page was hacked and the bank acknowledged the incidence . 

How the whole issue happened no one seem to k ow. 

There are Chinese people on the profile making fans surprised why should the official facebook page of a Zambian bank be in such state.

THE Bank of Zambia (BOZ) has confirmed the hacking of its Facebook page but has urged members of the public not to interact with the affected page until further notice. 

In a statement, Monday, BOZ Assistant Director – Communications Besnat Mwanza said the Bank was working closely with relevant law enforcement to address the cyber-security incident. “The Bank of Zambia regrets to inform members of the public of a cyber-security incident affecting the Bank’s Facebook page. 

We are conducting a thorough review of the incident and working closely with relevant law enforcement to ensure that it is addressed. The Bank is making every effort to ensure that the platform is restored to full functionality as soon as possible. 



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