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Fuel Prices Hiked By ERB


THE Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has announced an upward adjustment of fuel price increases with a litre of diesel now selling at K23.36 from K21.87.

 The price of a litre of petrol has also been increased from K24.93 to K25.57 while kerosene will now be K20.44 from k18.53 alitre.

ERB board chairperson Reynolds Bowa said during a monthly press briefing that the upward adjustment are effective midnight.

He also took time to explain reasons behind the upwards adjustment, among them, the inescapable increase in international oil prices.

“The main drivers for the changes in petroleum prices are the movements in international oil price and the exchange rate.

“The price of oil on the international market, between the July 2023 and the current price review for August, 2023 has increased. Specifically, the average prices of Petrol; Diesel; and Kerosene increased by 3.50%, 7.57% and 6.97% respectively,” Mr Bowa said.

“For the August 2023 price review, Petrol changed from US$83.66/bbl to US$86.59/bbl, Diesel changed from US$86.91/bbl to US$93.49/bbl and Kerosene changed from US$86.09/bbl to US$92.09/bbl”.

He said the increase in oil prices is attributed to speculation of potential global supply deficits. This is following the announcement by the Organization for the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies (OPEC+) that there will be oil production cuts soon. 

“The announced oil supply cuts is happening when there is a steady increase in demand, following the on-going global economic recovery, post the COVID-19 pandemic. The increasing trend in global oil prices is consistent with increasing prices of major commodities in reaction to prospect of interest rate hikes in major global economies,” Mr Bowa said.

He said in the latest price review period, the exchange rate of the Kwacha to the United States Dollar depreciated from K17.73/US$ to K18.51/US$, representing 4.35%.

“The depreciation of the Kwacha continues to be mainly driven by the demand for foreign exchange outstripping the supply. Despite the positive outlook resulting from the conclusion of the debt restructuring programmer the Kwacha reaction is slow because it continues to face persistent inflationary pressures,” Mr Bowa said.

(Mwebantu, Monday, 31st July, 2023)


Signs that your partner no longer loves you

signs he doesn't love you

It is not easy being in a relationship and don't know if everything is going great. Your partner suddenly becomes distant and stop doing the things they did for you. You then start to wonder if they really loved you. It is important to know that even if someone loves you, they won't always act like it. There are different factors that affect how someone acts in a relationship. It may be hard to tell if your partner's action is as a result of going through a tough time or falling out of love with you.

Here are the signs:

(1)They are no longer affectionate

If you notice that your partner is no longer affectionate then it means they are no longer interested in you. A sudden change in physical touch such as hugging, holding hands or physical intimacy can be a big indicator that something is changing in the relationship. If your partner was verbally affectionate and then suddenly they are not saying anything, this can also be a sign that their feelings have changed.

(2)They make excuses to avoid spending time with you

Some excuses such as being busy at work or needing some time alone may mean they no longer want to be around you. They might also make plans without you or cancel plans you had together at the last minute without a good reason. It is normal for a couple to need some time alone but if your partner is making excuses to be with you, it could be a sign they are trying to distance themselves from you because they are no longer in love.

(3)They seem distracted when you are together

Distraction can be a good sign that a person is not interested in the relationship. If they are not making eye contact and doing other things when together then they are trying to tell you that they would rather be somewhere else.


Zambia’s Barbra Banda scores the 1000th goal in Women’s World Cup history

Zambia’s Barbra Banda, second right, is congratulated by teammate Agness Musase after scoring her team’s second goal from a penalty during the Women’s World Cup Group C soccer match between Costa Rica and Zambia in Hamilton, New Zealand, Monday, July 31, 2023. (AP Photo/Andrew Cornaga)
HAMILTON, New Zealand —

Barbra Banda of Zambia scored the 1,000th goal in Women’s World Cuphistory with her penalty kick in the 31st minute against Costa Rica on Monday.

The 23-year-old Zambia captain used a clever stutter in her run up to make goalkeeper Daniela Solera jump before sending her penalty to the left with ease. Soon after, FIFA posted its congratulations to Banda on social media.

The referee awarded the penalty after Banda appeared to be taken down in the six-yard box by an out-stretched Katherine Alvarado. Costa Rican players argued the call unsuccessfully.

This tournament has been the Women’s World Cup debut for Zambia, and the goal was its second ever, giving the Copper Queens a 2-0 lead. The first Zambian goal came in the third minute of the game from Lushomo Mweemba.

FIFA has held a Women’s World Cup every four years since 1991.

Rangers directly tell 26-year-old forward to leave Ibrox… now

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Rangers have reportedly told Fashion Sakala to leave in the summer transfer window.

According to The 4th Official, Rangers have told forward Fashion Sakala that his time at Ibrox is finished.

Rangers have reportedly told Sakala that he needs to find a new club in the summer transfer window.

There is interest in the 26-year-old Zambia international forward from Saudi Arabia, according to the report.

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Sakala has been on the books of Scottish Premiership giants Rangers since the summer of 2021.

The former KV Oostende forward is under contract at Rangers until the summer of 2025.
Rangers should not be hasty with Fashion Sakala

In our view, Rangers should not be hasty in getting rid of Fashion Sakala in the summer transfer window.

While Sakala has not always been at his best in the final third, he has always given his all for Rangers on the pitch and is a very committed footballer.
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

And the forward did play well in the second half of last season.

The problem for Sakala is that Rangers manager Michael Beale now has Cyriel Dessers, Kieran Dowell, Sam Lammers, Abdallah Sima and Danilo as his attacking options.

There is also the issue that the forward can be inconsistent in his performances.

Sakala played as a centre-forward and out wide on either flank for Rangers last season.

The Zambia international made 22 startsand seven substitute appearances in the Scottish Premiership last season.

The forward scored 12 goals and gave seven assists in those games.

Sakala also made two starts and two substitute appearances in the UEFA Champions League and made three starts and eight substitute appearances in the UEFA Europa League for the Gers last season.

Heartbreaking encounter with a street kid


Street kid Lusaka

Away from the murky world of politics, may I digress and zoom on one of the issues which I find close to my heart – Street Kids! As a member of a Royal family, one of the core values imparted in me during my formative years to remain stoic and take leadership even as the chips went plummeting down, furiously! 

So when I came across an urchin rummaging through a dump site as a strong stench from a rotting dog carcass assaulted my nostrils one quiet afternoon, I didn’t harangue him but rather engaged him courteously. He discarded whatever he was nibbling and stood up as he tried to balance himself on his matchstick limbs, awkwardly. 

“I’ve to do this everyday to raise money to help support my family,” he yielded to my interrogations regarding his presence at such an unlikely place. “My father abandoned us when my mother was critically ill……and I had to drop out school.”

He was in threadbare clothings and flip-flops which I thought weren’t serving any purpose at all as they had gaping holes in them. He was firmly clutching a soiled sack cloth which seemed to contain his only valuable earthly possessions. Why should someone be eating from the dump site in a country like ours? Why should they be literally in rags? Why should a toddler be the one to fend for his family? Why has society seemingly neglected him and his family? Mixed feelings raced through my mind in rapid successions like a whirlwind! 

“I am 9 years old….” he replied cheerfully as if everything seemed normal in the world when he shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

I asked him to come with me as I sought to know about him and his family further. I learnt that he dropped out of school in grade 3. He was the only bread winner as his mother was still ailing to engage in any strenuous activities. 

“I still want to go back to school so that I can become a pilot….” he said as he gazed at a chopper circling in the skies as it prepared to land at nearby Presidential Guest House. 

He had 2 siblings…….a 12 year old girl who was equally lazing about at home and a breast feeding baby. Whenever he managed to salvage any scrap material of value, he’d sale it to raise money for food. Like most other kids, his favourite food was obviously chicken! However, when lady luck didn’t smile at him on what he considered a bad day and he didn’t stumble upon anything of value, then they’d have to go hungry or make do with plain porridge. I felt like somebody had just punched me hard in the stomach…..I felt like vomiting. 

I promptly asked the boy to tell his mom I wanted to have audience with her whenever it suited her. There were a few things I needed to verify just in case Peter was being economical with the truth. Early next morning, we woke up to feverish knocking on our gate! The entire family had come calling. The boy had even changed into decent clothes as though he was coming for a job interview he intended to secure at all costs. Meanwhile, the child cried hysterically and threw its tiny limbs around, furiously as it laboured to tear off the blouse of its mother. 

“She wants to breastfeed, but milk hardly comes out nowadays,” she explained, coyly. 

They looked as if they hadn’t had a decent meal for ages……..they were literally teetering on the fringes of starvion! 

“I don’t have much strength left to do work anymore due to my prolonged illness,” the mother was crying. “Each day that comes, we’ve to wait for my son to raise some money……”

I remained subdued for quite some time as I pondered their predicament. Why dear Lord? Is this the pain that some folks have to endure…….going without food for days on end without even any hope of ever coming into contact with water? I shuddered at the thought of these kids staying away from school well aware that they’ve been condemned to a perpetual life of pain and misery! 

At that moment, I recalled the words of John F. Kennedy….arguably one of America’s great presidents, “Ask not what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country!” The challenge of street kids is not even a complex one that demand services of a Rocket Scientist to help us arrive at a practical solutions……What is required is just a bit of compassion from each one of us and then the problem is gone!

If you’re in government, have you put systems in place to ensure that your services are trickling down to vulnerable people in society, particularly the street kids? I even find this idea of randomly rounding up homeless people and putting them in detention as punishment, ridiculous! You ought to equip your citizens with survival means. And if you’re a Church, what is stopping you from running soup kitchens for those in need? If you’re a company, why aren’t you exercising corporate social responsibility by endeavouring to ameliorate the plight of our people in poor communities? 

One of the attributes I treasure about Muslims is the emphasis they put on Alms Giving. Fellow Christians; what are you doing for those in need in your communities as commanded in the book of James? You surely don’t have to be Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or indeed Aliko Dangote to spare a coin for those in need? 

My wife and I have assured the family that we are going to buy uniforms and books for the kids next term and of course assist the mother with a bit of money to start a small backyard business on condition that she helps out with cleaning at our house once in a while. 

May those with contrary views add their voices….


A Music Artist Gets 12 years in Prison over his Song


A 27-year-old Malawian musician has been sentenced to one year in prison over the lyrics of his song.

The musician Joseph Lafu from Thyolo produced a song in which he accused the village headwoman of his area of practicing witchcraft.

Thyolo Senior Resident Magistrate Assunta Maxwell heard from state prosecutor, Felix Senzani, that the chief stopped villagers at Tembenu Village from cultivating on land belonging to Conforzi Plantation Limited

Two people from Tembenu Village paid Lafu K7000 to sing a song against village headwoman Tembenu.

In the song, Lafu encouraged the villagers to keep cultivating at the estate. He also called the chief a prostitute and a witch.

Maxwell in his ruling jailed the musician for 12 months for making the witchcraft allegations, saying the musician misused his talent and damaged the chief’s reputation.

How to know if someone really loves you

Love is a complicated and nuanced emotion that frequently makes us doubt its veracity. It is normal to want assurance about how deeply our spouse feels when we pour our hearts and emotions into a romantic relationship. Developing trust and open communication in a relationship is crucial, but it can be tricky to test your partner's love. This article will examine numerous techniques for determining your partner's genuine emotions while emphasizing the value of open communication, emotional connection, and respect between partners.

             Image credit: Body+Soul

1. Support and Encouragement: 

Key Indicators of Genuine Love

Your lover will stick by your side no matter what in a loving and supporting relationship. They will see to it that your needs are addressed by providing both physical and emotional support. True love means being there for you when you need it and being there for you emotionally no matter what. To determine the sincerity of your partner's love, it is critical to evaluate whether they exhibit certain traits.

Support on a Physical and Emotional Level:

 A partner who truly cares for you will go above and beyond to be of assistance. They will be there for you, whether it is by giving you a ride to work, helping you with domestic duties, or offering you practical support. Additionally, they'll help you emotionally by encouraging you when you need it and cheering you on. They will pay close attention and be open to understanding your experiences and feelings.

Think about your connection and consider whether you sense sincere support. When you need help, does your spouse step up and offer it? If they say "yes," it is a clear sign that they genuinely adore you.

Encouragement and Empowerment:

True love requires supporting your partner's interests and aspirations, even when there may be no immediate financial gain for either of you. Your objectives will have the unwavering support of a caring spouse who will encourage you along the way. They'll be there to support you through tough times and to celebrate your victories.

2. Observe Their Actions:

Words are less powerful than deeds. Observing how your partner interacts with you and those around them is a good approach to determine how much they love you. Are they considerate, kind, and supportive? Do they give your happiness and well-being a high priority? Pay attention to how they behave because it might tell you about their level of dedication and sincerity.

3. Communication is Key:

You may discuss anything with your lover if you are in a loving relationship. Instead of avoiding unpleasant conversations, they'll aim to address and resolve problems, talk to you about setting boundaries in your relationships, and handle conflicts. A solid and healthy relationship is built on honest and open communication. Talk openly and honestly with your partner about your feelings, goals, and anxieties. The extent of their love can be discerned by their capacity to sympathize, listen, and understand with you. Trustworthy partners value your opinions and feelings and make an effort to foster an environment that is conducive to candid communication.

4. Shared Values and Future Plans:

You may discuss anything with your lover if you are in a loving relationship. Instead of avoiding unpleasant conversations, they'll aim to address and resolve problems, talk to you about setting boundaries in your relationships, and handle conflicts. A solid and healthy relationship is built on honest and open communication. Talk openly and honestly with your partner about your feelings, goals, and anxieties. The extent of their love can be discerned by their capacity to sympathize, listen, and understand with you. Trustworthy partners value your opinions and feelings and make an effort to foster an environment that is conducive to candid communication.

5. Emotional Availability:

Love entails connection and emotional openness. Check to see if your partner is sensitive to your needs and emotionally available. Do they open out to you about their own emotions and ideas? When things go tough, are they there and paying attention? A strong emotional tie is characterized by emotional closeness and a sense of security.

6. Support in Times of Need:

During trying times, a partner's true love is evident. Pay attention to how they assist you while you are going through hardship or suffering. Do they provide a shoulder to cry on, a kind word, or a listening ear? Unwavering support and a readiness to be there for one other through thick and thin are signs of true love.

7. Mutual Respect and Equality:

Mutual respect and equality are the foundation of a successful relationship. Examine your relationship with your partner in terms of how they respect your personal space, opinions, and uniqueness. Respecting each other's independence and building an equal partnership where both sides feel respected and appreciated are essential components of true love.

8.Consistency and Reliability:

When evaluating the sincerity of your partner's love, consistency is crucial. Over time, look for indications of dependability and consistency in their words and behaviors. True love continues and is solid despite life's ups and downs; it is not transient.

9. Trust Your Intuition

Love and trust frequently grow together, and you usually can't have one without the other. While taking into account visible factors is important, you should also trust your gut. Your gut instincts can often give you important information about how sincere your partner's love is. Be aware of your feelings and consider how your spouse affects your innermost feelings.

You shouldn't try to sway or influence your partner by putting their love to the test. Instead, it should be viewed as a chance to enhance your bond, promote open communication, and build your relationship. Keep in mind that love cannot be measured or validated by a series of experiments. Trust, emotional resemblance, reciprocal respect, and sincere caring are the foundations of true love. Your relationship will have a strong foundation if you and your spouse can talk openly about your hopes, anxieties, and desires.


DRC in $15m Zambian mealie meal deal

drc mealie meal

The Democratic Republic of Congo has advanced a payment of $15m to Zambia for the supply of mealie meal.

Defence Minister, AMBROSE LUFUMA who disclosed this to ZNBC News in an interview says this is aside the demand from Kenya and Tanzania of 1 million metric tonnes of maize each.

Mr . LUFUMA said following the demand by the country’s neighbours and domestic market, the defence force led by the Zambia National Service is now in the process of acquiring land in all the ten provinces to boost the production of maize.

He said the defence force is already in talks with the ministry of agriculture to acquire more land for increased production.

Mr. LUFUMA however said that aside increasing the production of maize, the defence force is expected to receive 10 milling plants from China under the presidential initiative.

He said the milling plants will be distributed to all the 10 provinces and is expected to help in stabilising the price of mealie meal on the market .

The post DRC in $15m Zambian mealie meal deal appeared first on .

Credit: ZNBC


Zambia and Japan bilateral relations to foster opportunities for trade and investment

zambia and japan

ZAMBIA’S Ambassador to Japan Tobias Mulimbika has pledged to work at creating opportunities for trade and investment between Zambia and Japan.

Dr Mulimbika said following his appointment as Zambia’s Ambassador to Japan he would strengthen bilateral relations between the countries by creating opportunities for trade and investment.

He said economic diplomacy is key in strengthening bilateral relations between Zambia and Japan.

This is in a statement released by First Secretary Press and Public Relations at Embassy of Zambia to Japan, Faith Chilube after Dr Mulimbika presented his letters of credence to Emperor of Japan Hironomiya Naruhito.

“Economic diplomacy is key to strengthening bilateral relations between Zambia and Japan, as well as creating opportunities for joint trade and investment. I work tirelessly to promote bilateral relations and explore new areas of cooperation,”said Dr Mulimbika.

He commended the Japanese Government for the support rendered to Zambia through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) in various sectors of the economy.

Dr Mulimbika also emphasised that President Hakainde Hichilema is keen to foster relations between Zambia and Japan for mutual benefit.

Emperor Naruhito congratulated Dr Mulimbika on his appointment as Zambia’s Ambassador to Japan and wished him well during his tour of duty.

He said the two countries have continued to work together through JICA in improving infrastructure on the Copperbelt Province and strengthening Zambia’s healthcare delivery.

Emperor Naruhito also noted that his parents once visited Zambia and shared fond memories of the country.

Teaching Service Commission Embarks On Qualification Audit for all Teachers

Teaching Service Commission  qualification audit

The Teaching Service Commission has embarked on a qualification audit for all teachers in all schools across the country beginning with Lusaka Province ahead of the planned placement of teachers according to their qualifications.

And the Teaching Service Commission Chairperson Daphine Chimuka has disclosed that Lusaka district is over staffed by 937 teachers who need to be moved to other schools in the Province which are facing a critical shortage of teachers.

The Teaching Service Commission Chairperson, accompanied by 3 commissioners and the Commission Secretary, Lynette Walubita, said this when she paid a courtesy call on Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Robert Kamalata at his office today.

Ms. Chimuka said a number of teachers in various schools have been misplaced with secondary school teachers finding themselves in primary schools while those who are supposed to teach in primary schools, are teaching in secondary schools.

She said her Commission will from tomorrow July 28, embark on a country-wide qualification audit starting with the Zambia Institute of Special Education (ZAMISE) in lusaka.

Ms. Chimuka said all officers involved in the qualification audit exercise will be available at (ZAMISE) so that everyone is familiar with the process and what is required to be done before it is rolled out to the rest of the country.

“We are commencing the qualification audit for all teachers in the country and we are starting this exercise with Lusaka Province tomorrow,” said Ms. Chimuka.

Ms. Chimuka said that after this qualification audit exercise is over, the next move would be to place each teacher according to the qualification.

She said over time, there has been an increase in teachers placed in various positions that are not in line with their qualifications.

The Teaching Service Commission Chairperson, further, said that her Commission is in the process of gazetting some schools established in the recent past so that they have their right establishments.

Meanwhile, the Teaching Service Commission Chairperson says there is an urgent need to build teacher’s houses in various schools across the country especially in rural areas.

She said that with the massive recruitment of the teachers last year, the biggest challenge being faced in most of the schools now is lack of accommodation.

Ms. Chimuka said teachers can only be encouraged and motivated to serve in rural areas if there is good and decent accommodation for them.

“We have employed many teachers in most of the rural areas in the country but the biggest problem we have now is lack of accommodation for these teachers,” said Ms. Chimuka.

And Ms Chimuka says recruitment of the planned 4,500 teachers will be done before the end of this year.

She said the commission will engage provincial offices and ensure that they are involved in the recruitment exercise.

“We are involving the provincial administration in the forth coming recruitment of 4,500 New teachers,” said Ms. Chimuka.

And Lusaka Permanent Secretary, Robert Kamalata, said the recruitment of teachers was very low in lusaka during the last recruitment exercise.

He said the lusaka province had only 800 teachers out of over Thirty thousand recruited teachers last year.

Permanent secretary added that rural areas are still experiencing a shortage of teachers in several schools.

Mr Kamalata appealed to the Teaching Service Commission to involve the provincial administration in the recruitment of teachers so that they can present the needed numbers of new teachers and where such teachers should be posted.

Mr. Kamalata also appealed to the Teaching Service Commission to ensure serving teachers are upgraded in both status and salaries.

” The cries of most of our teachers especially in rural areas is the need to upgrade them both in status and salaries,” said Mr Kamalata.

He also appealed to the teachers to seriously consider upgrading their qualifications as it will enable them to reach greater heights.

And Mr. Kamalata says there is huge demand to construct more class rooms following the introduction of free education that has seen an increase in school enrolment in various schools.

“For Lusaka district we are trying to propose if the K1 million per constituency allocated towards the construction of Chief’s palaces, could be channeled towards the construction of class room blocks since we are not constructing any palace in any of the 7 constituencies in Lusaka district,” said Mr. Kamalata.

Commissioners who accompanied the Teaching Service Commission Chairperson included Regina Musokotwane, Fridah Lukwesa and Clement Sinyinda.

Retirees To Be Paid 3 Months After Retiring

Retirees to be paid 3 months after retiring

In a bid to address the longstanding issue of delayed retirement payments, President Hakainde Hichilema has declared that retirees will now receive their terminal benefits just three months after they retire. The move is aimed at reducing the backlog of retirees who have been waiting for their dues for several decades. President Hichilema made the announcement during a meeting with Bishops from the Anglican Church at State House.

During the meeting, President Hichilema expressed his government’s commitment to resolving the plight of retirees who had endured years of uncertainty and financial strain due to delayed payments. He disclosed that his administration had already cleared the pending retirement benefits for the majority of retirees who had been waiting for up to 20 years.

Additionally, the Zambian President unveiled plans to implement a Credit Window, offering citizens access to credit with interest rates below commercial levels, especially designed to support businesses. The Credit Window initiative is expected to provide significant benefits for the agricultural sector, enabling farmers to plant crops twice a year, which, in turn, would lead to increased yields.

President Hichilema emphasized that the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP) had encountered challenges as some individuals took advantage of the system, accessing fertilizers meant for farming and subsequently selling them for personal gain without engaging in any agricultural activities. The new Credit Window is intended to offer farmers better access to financial resources for their agricultural needs and curb the misuse of agricultural support programs.The announcement of the Credit Window has been met with enthusiasm from various agricultural stakeholders, as it is anticipated to have a positive impact on the productivity and livelihoods of farmers across the country.

Meanwhile, during the meeting with the Anglican Church representatives, Archbishop Albert Chama of the Central African Province praised the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for its transformative role in empowering communities. He commended the initiative, stating that it allowed people to decide on development projects according to their specific needs and priorities.

However, the Archbishop also expressed concerns about the National Health Insurance Scheme Authority (NHIMA), noting that the coverage provided did not include all illnesses. He urged the government to extend NHIMA’s coverage to include a broader range of medical conditions, as many Zambians could not afford treatment in private health facilities.

President Hichilema assured the Anglican Church representatives that his government would take their concerns into serious consideration and strive to make improvements in the country’s healthcare system to ensure better access to medical services for all citizens.

Sakala Turns Down Saudi Arabi Offer

Fashion Sakala refuse Saudi Arabia offer

Rangers forward, Fashion Sakala, has turned down the chance to move to Saudi Arabia in favor of staying at Ibrox.

The Zambian international had been linked with a move to Al-Fayha, who are reportedly willing to offer him a lucrative contract.

However, according to the Daily Mail print edition, Sakala will not be heading over to Saudi Arabia, stating he has ‘rejected the opportunity of a huge payday in the Middle Eastern kingdom’ with Al-Fayha.

However, Rangers Football club is not happy that fashion has rejected the Saudi deal and they have decided to leave him on the squad to play against Germany team on Saturday and he may not be registered to play games for rangers this season if he insists not to go to Saudi Arabia.


Given Lubinda Discharged and Acquitted


Given Lucinda acquitted by courtGIVEN LUBINDA


The Lusaka Magistrate has acquitted Patriotic Front Acting President, Hon. Given Lubinda on charges of contempt.of parliament.

Hon. Lubinda, was arrested in March 2023 for allegedly breaching parliamentary privileges after failing to attend or adhere to parliamentary summons issued to him to appear before a committee.

Before he could take plea, his lawyers, Makebi Zulu raised a preliminary issue stating that the law required that such an alleged offence be prosecuted within six months. The matter occurred in 2021!

The arrest was connected to an alleged offense in which the Speaker of the National Assembly, Nelly Mutti found Hon. Lubinda guilty of breaching parliamentary privileges as an outsider. Lubinda was then arrested contrary to Section 11(A) of Amendment Act No. 13 of 2016, Chapter 12 of the National Assembly Act on Privileges and Absences.

President Hichilema meets Qatar Deligation For Maamba investment and job creation

A delegation from Qatar is in the country to explore investment opportunities.

The Qatar delegation is being led by its Head of the Qatar Investment Authority for Africa, Middle East and Africa Sheikh Faisal Bin.

Speaking when the delegation called on President Hakainde Hichilema at State House, Mr. Bin said Qatar wants to explore areas of common interest with Zambia, especially in the areas of Energy, Mining, Agriculture and Hospitality.

Mr. Bin further announced that while in Zambia his team is expected to sign Investment, Promotion and Protection Agreements with the Zambia Development Agency Authority (ZDA) in some specific areas of interest.

And in response, President Hakainde Hichilema has called for an action plan to fast track the implementation of some agreements being signed.

President Hichilema assured the Qatar delegation that Zambia is endowed with various opportunities which can be considered for investment.

Later the Zambian Head of State met another delegation from Maamba Collieries who informed him that the company is in need of about 300 Million Dollars to enable it to successfully embark on the phase 2 expansion project.

And Maamba Collieries Resident Director Ashok Devineni says once the expansion is effected, the company is expected to increase its power generation by an additional 300 megawatts of power.

The meeting was also attended by Energy Minister Peter Kapala.
Qatar and president HH


At least Am Not Gay, I Have Fun with Girls -Mainga mwanga

Mainga mwanga Zambian men don’t know fun

Stop talking about me . Most of you men in Zambia don’t know how to have fun. Jealous won’t take you anywhere.

Just because I am good at making girls happy, spoil them than you do doesn’t  necessarily tell you am a bad dude. 

In the mid of this week a famous socialite Mainga mwanga was seen in a video having fun with girls in a nice looking house. Girls were happy as the man of the day was carrying a 3rd girl with a smile on the face. 

The video is here have an eye for some smiles

I have not offended anyone so far am just a good and jovial man most girls love. 

You think I have no sense? I make sure I don’t commit any crime , all girls I go out with to spoil  are adults and very willing to go out with me. We go as far as Livingstone and many beautiful places in Zambia just to have fun. 

So there is really a big job to be done for people who think am stupid for what am doing. You too make money and enjoy life. Women won’t go for a broke man. Learn to work hard and have fun with anyone, anywhere and anytime you feel like. Talking doesn’t benefit anyone if you subject it to gossiping about other people

 Enjoy yourselves men!  There is nothing in this world that will make you happy if you are not willing to, said Mainga mwaanga 

Even health people have advised me to have a good time for my physical and mental well being so who are you “Ba fikamba imwe” to judge me? 

Learn to appreciate the beauty of nature as a man . God gave us girls to enjoy with. The good part is that am not gay and am just exercising my nature as a man. 

~Mainga Mwanga 


72 year old man defiles 12 year old girl while everyone else were watching women's world cup

72 year old man defile 12 years girl

A 73-year-old man of Ndola, who is ideally in his repentant stages of life has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl.

Joseph Mumba , of Masala Township sadly decided that it was best to end the Zambia verses Spain loss frustrations by engaging in an illegal sexual abuse of his juvenile victim.

But his randy acts soon caught up with him as members of the community caught him red handed abusing the girl and apprehended him.

They dragged him him to police, where he will have to be given a date with the courts.

The incident is believed to have occurred in a makeshift within Masala township in Ndola

Copperbelt Province commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba who confirmed the incident said it occurred yesterday and was reported by the victim’s father.

“Brief facts of the matter are that on July 26,2023 at around 09:00 hours, the Complainant was watching a game between Zambia and Spain and that after the match ended, he left home for a drinking spree with friends. At around 12:00 hours, he received a call from his landlord telling him to go back home and that something had happened,” he said.

Mr Mweemba said when the victim’s father went home, he was told that the old man was found pants down, literally, defiling his daughter and that the people had already apprehended him and taken to the police station.


Lungu has houses where he can live if he wanted , Chama responds to Mweetwa

chama responds to mweetwa

PF National Chairperson Davies Chama says former president Edgar Lungu is building and already has other houses where he can live if he wanted. 

Earlier this week, UPND Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said by going to his farm while on leave, President Hakainde Hichilema was using his time prudently, unlike Lungu who chose to party but was now renting a house from a footballer.

 Mweetwa said President Hichilema went to work at his farm on the weekend so that he wouldn’t suffer after retirement. But in an interview, Tuesday, Chama said Mweetwa was being childish because Lungu owned a house in Chawama and had other properties elsewhere. 

He added that other former presidents equally lived in houses rented for them by the government.
We are seeing this childishness from Mweetwa that wont take him anywhere.

Russian President Vladmir Putin Gift President Emmerson Mnangagwa With Presidential Chopper

putin presidential chopper mnangagwa

Russian President Vladimir Putin Gifts President Emmerson Mnangagwa With Presidential Chopper

Zimbabwe’s Information Secretary, Nick Mangwana, has announced that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been gifted a helicopter by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The helicopter gift was bestowed upon President Mnangagwa during his presence at the Second Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum, hosted in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, spanning from the 27th to the 28th of July 2023.

In a Twitter post, Mangwana said:

In this picture collage, you are looking at the Zim1 Helicopter gifted by President Putin to President @edmnangagwa. This bird will soon be gracing our skies.

Russia’s 50,000-Tonne Grain Aid to Zimbabwe

The Herald has also reported that as a gesture to strengthen the already robust bilateral ties between the two nations, Russia has committed to providing Zimbabwe with 50,000 tonnes of grain, comprising wheat, barley, and maize, as a humanitarian aid package.

This generous supply offered free of charge, is expected to be delivered within the next three months.

During the plenary session of the Second Summit of the Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum, commencing today, President Putin announced that the grain supply deal, initially offered to Zimbabwe, will also be extended to include Burkina Faso, Mali, Central African Republic, Somalia, and Eritrea.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Gifts President Emmerson Mnangagwa With Presidential Chopper

Under this humanitarian initiative, Russia will bear the costs of transporting the grain cargo, making the deliveries free of charge to the recipient countries.

He said Russia pulled out of the grain deal because none of the promises it was given about facilitating its own grain and fertilizer exports had been met.


Arrested Ministry Of FinanceOfficials Offer To Pay Back

Some Ministry of Finance officials who were arrested for illegally obtaining public funds have approached the Anti-Corruption Commission -ACC with the intention of paying back the money.

The ACC arrested 20 people from the Ministry of Finance, who included former Auditor General DICK SICHEMBE and two of his deputies, for illegally obtaining money.

ACC Corporate Affairs Manager TIMOTHY MOONO says the commission is analysing the request and will make its position known soon.

Mr. MOONO says Section 80 of the Anti-Corruption Act allows for the suspects to return money and explain fully how they acquired the money.

Speaking at the Second Quarter Press Briefing at Anti Corruption House , Mr. MOONO also confirmed the arrest of Finance Permanent Secretary MUKULI CHIKUBA on multiple offences amounting to two million Kwacha.

Mr. MOONO says among the offences Mr. CHIKUBA allegedly committed are abuse of authority of office, willful failure to follow applicable procedure and theft by public servant.

He has also disclosed that Ministry of Finance Director of Internal Audit FRANCIS NGWENYA has also been arrested and charged for abuse of authority of office, willful failure to follow applicable procedure and obtaining money by false pretences involving over one million Kwacha.

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Nine get burnt in Chongwe after a transformer burst in flames, police say

chongwe transformer burn people

NINE people have been burnt in Chongwe when a ZESCO transformer burst into flames.

The nine were in the house watching television when the Transformer which is situated a few meters from their house developed a fault and affected the electrical system in house.

The nine who are four juveniles and five adults comprising of five males and four females sustained leg burns while one of them sustained severe head burns.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said the incident happened yesterday around 12:00 hours in Koto village.

“Brief facts of the matter are that the victims namely Moses Banda aged 61, Layana Shakufwaya aged 38, Clever Chiyesa aged 30, Bright Mudenda aged 24, Modest ER Kankwala aged 22, and four female Juveniles two aged five, six and seven were watching television, then suddenly they heard a loud bang coming from a ZESCO transformer and the house in which the victims were ,caught fire through the sockets and sparks which burnt the victims,” he said.

He said police were informed , ZESCO in Chongwe and fire brigade who together rushed to the scene.

“The scene was visited and all the victims sustained mild leg burns except a female Juvenile aged five who sustained severe head burns and was referred to Levy Mwanawasa Teaching hospital while the rest are admitted in Chongwe District hospital and their condition was said to be stable,” he said.

DEC Nab Alleged Main Supplier Of Drugs In Chibolya


The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested Abdul Nurra believed to be the main supplier of heroin in Lusaka’s notorious Chibolya compound.

Nurra a Tanzanian national also known as Mbiya Kayombo is a key player in Zambia of an organised trafficking network spanning east and southern Africa. He has been on the Commission’s wanted list for some time now and has evaded arrest on a couple of occasions. He was picked up with six others in a special operation conducted on 24th July, 2023. Nurra’s arrest has significantly disrupted the Zambian operations of this criminal network.

He has been arrested for Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs (namely 20.72 grammes of heroin and 6.72 grammes of cocaine) contrary to section 15 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act No. 35 of 2021 of the Laws of Zambia.

The arrest of Nurra is a show of determination and commitment on the part of the DEC to stump out the illicit drug trade in Zambia by identifying and arresting key players. The Commission would like inform the public that it has heightened its surveillance measures and will leave no stone unturned in its quest to bring drug traffickers to book.

In another matter, the Commission on the Copperbelt has arrested Eustace Musompo aged 27 for Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs (namely 10.63 grammes of cocaine). Musompo was nabbed in Kitwe after the Commission received reports of cocaine trafficking in the city. A Toyota Mark X has been seized in relation to this matter

The suspects are detained in lawful custody and will appear in court soon.

Hussein Khan


Mainga mwanga video published and live

Mainga video leaked

Mwanga Mainga video is trending on different social media platforms. He featured someone’s girlfriend who is currently wondering how the whole issue is going. 

Zambian socialite Mainga Mwanga is yet in the news on social media after a new clip of him with an unknown y0ung p3rs0n video  shar3d on Facebook. Iris kaingu champagne brand 

The video  shows Mainga lifting the named girl while another one is cheering in the background at an unknown apartment.

The video shared and seen by pamulomo Zambia is everywhere on Facebook and some people are praising him that he has something to give them for the month of August which many would love to talk about.

Here is the video of mainga mwanga with a girl 

Read what he said today: At least am not gay coz i enjoy with girls 

Nigerian Military Coup Overthrows Government.

Nigerian Military Coup Overthrows Government, President Bazoum Held by Soldiers

Nigerian Military Coup Overthrows Government, President Bazoum Held by Soldiers

nigeria coup

Photo : AFP

Abuja: A coup of soldiers has overthrown the Nigerian Government. Addressing the country via national TV, a group of soldiers led by Colonel-Major Amadou Abdramane have announced they have dissolved the constitutions moments after Nigerian President Mohamed Bazoum was reportedly seized by members of the presidential guard.

"We, the defence and security forces... have decided to put an end to the regime you know. This follows the continuing deterioration of the security situation, and poor economic and social governance," stated the Colonel during his televised address to the Western African Country.

The Nigerian constitution stands dissolved, all institutions have been suspended and borders of the country have also been closed. The Colonel-Major further added that all day-to-day business will be taken care of by the ministers in charge.

Furthermore, a night curfew has been imposed in Nigeria from 10 PM to 5 AM local time until notified otherwise. Defending the coup, Abdramane announced that the soldiers are acting in interest for the National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland.

In his address to the country, he also shared that "external partners should not interfere".

Following the Coup, United States has expressed his concern. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed his "unwavering support" for the President in a phone call. President Bazoum is a key ally for the West in the fight against Islamist militancy in West Africa.

United Nations, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stated that he has spoken to the Nigerian President and has offered the UN's full support to him. The Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS has also condemned this coup.

“ECOWAS condemns in the strongest terms the attempt to seize power by force and calls on the coup plotters to free the democratically-elected President of the Republic immediately and without any condition,” stated the bloc in an official statement.


Mwizukanji Discloses Her Resignation From Jelumu

 Mwizukanji resigns from jelumu



In response to the ongoing speculations.

It was a pleasure to work with Jelumu Zambia for almost 3 years as brand ambassador and later as head of corporate sales and marketing.

We however parted ways amicably in March 2023 when i tendered my resignation.

I must assume the purpose of the announcement today was to help valued clients as well as would be clients to know that inquiries and any Jelumu related issues were to be directed to the appropriate offices.

Growth comes with new opportunities that I have chosen to embrace and pursue.

God has brought us thus far and I believe the future is bright for all of us.

Best Regards.

Prudence Kaphukie Nakamba Mwizukanji

The  (Jelumu) company wrote

This is to officially inform the public that Mwizukanji is no longer part of Jelumu Either As an employee or representative of the brand.
Management is thankful.
As Jelumu we wish her all the best.


Four members of the anti-robbery squared arrested


Four Police Officers from the Anti-Robbery Department at Mufulira Central Police Station have been arrested in connection with the murder of Nason Simbeye, a 22 year old police officer who was found dead in his house at Sikalangwe Police Camp in Mufulira on 23rd October 2020.

Following an inquest, the Mufulira Magistrate’s court ruled that evidence from the Pathologist and the Ballistic expert who both separately testified that their findings revealed that Constable Simbeye was shot from the back while kneeling, had proved beyond reasonable doubt that the police officer did not commit suicide but was murdered.

The court further named Simbeye’s four workmates namely, Detective Sergeant Jameson Luundu Lubaya, Detective Sergeant Waluka Wallace Chilombe, Detective Sergeant Marvin Manda, and Detective Sergeant Ben Syakalundu as suspects and ordered that they be arrested and charged with murder.

Magistrate Sharon Luhanga said it had been proved that Simbeye was killed from an unknown place, before being transported to his house where his body was found, saying several witnesses testified that there was no pool of blood in the house, adding that his bed and beddings had no blood stains.

She said the presence of a gun from the Mufulira Central Police Anti Robbery Department at the crime scene implicated the officers, as there was no evidence that Simbeye had gone home with a gun on the fateful day.

“A trained police officer would not act in the manner in which you acted when you were sent by your boss to check on Simbeye at his house, and even though you attributed that to mere errors, I find it very suspicious,” Magistrate Luhanga said.

Earlier, the suspects testified that when they discovered Simbeye’s body, they left the crime scene unsecured, as they were in shock.

She said the testimony of a taxi driver, Hezron Sinkala revealed that one of the suspects, Constable Luundu already knew that Simbeye was dead around 07:00 hours, despite the deceased’s body being discovered around 10:00 hours.

Magistrate Luhanga further ruled that the matter be taken up by a police station outside Copperbelt Province, saying the Police Investigations Officer, Chief Inspector, Kennedy Siazyombo was biased in his investigations and ignored clues that would have led him to the deceased’s killers.

Mr.Siazyombo told the court that he forgot to have fingerprints at the scene taken, and did not ask ZICTA to avail the location where a message from the deceased’s phone was sent asking his fiancé for help, saying he had been attacked.

Meanwhile,a Police Intelligence Officer, Nchimunya Mambo testified that following Simbeye’s death the District Criminal Investigations Officer instructed him to collect all firearms from the Anti-Robbery Department due to allegations that they had killed Simbeye ,but the firearms were later returned to them without being subjected to ballistic examination.

Mr.Mambo testified that following collection of the deceased’s body, the four officers insisted that they needed to search Simbeye’s house, alleging that he had stolen money from the police station, despite there being no report of missing money, but abandoned the mission after being informed that the deceased’s relatives were on the way to his house.

Another witness from the Police Amoury department, Inspector Imuksi Mwauluka said in December 2020, the Anti-Robbery Department failed to give an annual report to account for how ammunition had been used.


Amapiano star has died

Amapiano star died today

 Mzansi and her family are inconsolable at DJ Mbali Umshove's passing.

The Amapaino star's passing has affected many people and broken the hearts of her loved ones. It was tragic when Amahle Mash Nduli, an amapiano producer and DJ, passed away.

On July 25, Tuesday, news of her passing first surfaced. At the age of 27, the Joburg-based Konka hitmaker who was born and raised in Kokstad, KZN, went unexpectedly.

According to her mother Kholeka Mevana, their loss was extremely painful. She claimed that they were still awaiting the label's autopsy report in order to learn about her passing.

"Only the autopsy will determine her cause of death, but from what we know, she had a sudden unresting feeling in her last moments. She had mentioned she was not feeling the people who were around her."

According to her sister Zenande Mevana, everyone who had the pleasure of coming into contact with her is genuinely blessed. She claimed that they would recall her as a lady who prioritised her family over all else, including her musical endeavours. 

In collaboration with Soulful G and Audio Addicts, she released the singles Konka and The First Bang, which comprised her debut EP.


Dec nabs 2 business men for obtaining over k4m by false pretences

THE Drug Enforcement Commission, through its Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit, has arrested two businessmen for fraud and money laundering involving over K4 million.

 In a statement yesterday, DEC Public Relations Officer Hussein Khan disclosed that Joseph Chulu and Darlington Chulu, in their capacity as Directors and Shareholders in Damphen Clearing and Forwarding Limited, received over K4 million purporting that they would supply a foreign businessman with 123 kilogrammes of gold, when in fact not. 

“The Drug Enforcement Commission through its Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit has arrested two businessmen for fraud and money laundering involving over K4 million. The Commission has jointly charged Joseph Chulu aged 34 and Darlington Chulu aged 38 for Obtaining Money by False Pretences contrary to Zambian laws.
dec nabs businessmen for obtaining k4m

Chiengi MP arrested For Assault

 Police arrest Chiengi MP for assault!

Police have today July 25,2023 formally arrested and charged Honourable Given Katuta Member of Parliament for Chiengi Constituency for the offence of Common Assault Contrary to Section 247 of the Penal Code Act Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia. 

This has followed after police at Emmasdale Police Station on the July 21,2023  received a report bordering on  Common Assault from M/ Henry Chunza aged 41 of Minestone Ng'ombe Compound  a Photo Journalist from Times of Zambia to the effect that, whilst on duty at parliament premises he was commonly Assaulted by  Honourable Given Katuta an independent member of parliament for Chiengi Constituency. This occurred on July 21, 2023 around 09:00 hours at Parliament building. 

Brief facts of the matter are that the Honourable was ordered by the Speaker of the National Assembly after being suspended from the house for one week. As she was going out and a journalist was taking photos of her. This irritated her and she started screaming at the journalist, spat in the face of the journalist, manhandled him with the help of other members of parliament and later forced him to delete the pictures. Among the members of parliament that the complainant identified is area member of parliament for Chawama Constituency Honourable Tasila Lungu. Police instituted investigations into the matter which calumniated in her arrest today.

The Suspect has been detained in custody waiting to meet the Police bond conditions before being released.

Rae Hamoonga



Ndola pastor indecently assault a 17 year old girl During Prayers

 A Ndola-based pastor has been found guilty of indecently assaulting a 17-year-old girl during prayers.


Pastor Gellion Jones, 28, has been convicted and committed to the High Court for sentencing by Ndola Magistrates Court.


Jones, a pastor of Kopaland Township, allegedly indecently assaulted a 17-year-old girl for three days in a church building in September last year.


In her testimony, the victim told the court that on the material day, she was with her boyfriend at Kambeba Police Post, where the latter was detained for alleged assault.


She said after spending a night at the police post, she went to the pastor’s place in fear of her parents at home after being with the boyfriend, whom her parents did not approve of. 


The victim claimed that while at the pastor’s place, she was given some water which made her dizzy after drinking it.


“When we reached there, Kelvin Lungu [her boyfriend] left me in the sitting room with his pastor, who gave me something like water to drink,” she said. 


“The same liquid caused me to sleep and [I] only found myself naked the following morning in a certain room which had nothing but they claimed that it was used for prayers and offerings were done from there.”


The victim further claimed that Jones continued giving her the same liquid for three days until she was rescued from the place on the third day when her parents went searching for her.


In defence, Jones denied committing the offense stating that the period he was arrested, police in the campany of the victim, visited the church, where the incident is alleged to have happened. 


He said when the victim was told to show the police the room where she was allege to have been indecently assaulted, she failed.


“She only showed up police a room where we put offerings baskets and it is an open room without keys where every church member has access,” he said.


But Magistrate veronica Sikwangala found Jones guilty  stating that she believed the victim’s evidence especially that her mother told the court that her child went missing from home from the time the offence is alleged to have happened. 


“I am, therefore, satisfied that the state has proved its case beyond reasonable doubt and now, therefore, proceeds to convict the accused accordingly,” she said.


Magistrate Sikwangala however, stated that she had no power to sentence the convict and would commit him to the High Court for sentencing.


-Zambia Daily Mail




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