ZRA Jobs Registry Clerk (20 vacancies available 2023)

There are 20 ZRA jobs registry clerks positions. Contact for specific instructions is provided. ZRA jobs are real and here i will share how my 15 friends got the job as registry clerks. ZRA is a government body that manages tax issues. it includes collection, auditing and processing of tax, custom duty for businesses and individuals. To get a job you need specified kills and qualifications Or else start preparing now.

Everyone is looking forward to get jobs at ZRA because of the rumors about how much ZRA pay it's workers. Yes ZRA is one of the respected institution of Zambia that pays better. Competition is therefore stiff so that only the best are selected for jobs at ZRA offices including registry clerk.

I will show you how to get hired by ZRA for registry clerk position, keep reading for details and tips

The role of registry clerks

As a person who wants to join ZRA you need to know your roles and responsibilities. The best employee knows what they are doing and to what extent they should execute the tasks given. Get a ZRA job registry clerk in 2023 for the advertised 20 vacancies available.

Getting a job as registry clerk at ZRA will require you do the following:

  • Incoming mail and correspondence administration. 
  • Maintain and administer files; receive papers for destruction in accordance with the National Archives Act. 
  • Provide registration counter service and process departmental mail in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Offer support to the boss like buying small items if you are sent to.
Basically as a registry clerk you are required to:

Job holders will be responsible for providing quality records management by maintaining and updating staff records contained in confidential personal files and making files available to users on a timely basis upon request, as well as providing effective mail management services by ensuring accurate registers for incoming and outgoing mail are in place to avoid mail delays and or misdirection.

Accountability and Duties of a ZRA registry clerk in details

  • Taxpayers and administrative data are kept safe and traceable in filing cabinets, and their movement is monitored.
  • Sort, categorize, and open new files based on the available filing index;
  • All correspondence and indexing taxpayers' files are filed on time.
  • Utilize adequately documented transmittal lists to appraise files/records in accordance with the records life cycle.
  • Under the supervision of the Registry Supervisor, assists in identifying and assessing workflow problems in the registry and contributing to the development of solutions.
  • Issue files to authorized users in the Central Registry and receive them when they are returned;
  • To protect the security of records, keep the Registry secure at all times and restrict access to it.
  • Provide efficient mail management services by ensuring that accurate incoming and outgoing mail registers are in place to eliminate mail delays and misdirection.
  • Create and maintain amicable working relationships with coworkers, superiors, and all users of records/files.
  • Maintain extreme confidentiality when handling confidential records.
  • Sort, collate, and assemble duplicated material in accordance with precise instructions for photocopying and/or document binding; and
  • Use basic office equipments and equipment such as photocopiers, detachers, book binders, and trimmers. 

How much do ZRA pay Registry clerk positions?

ZRA jobs especially registry clerks are needed in larger numbers so the pay is reasonable but not as compared to the big positions

What are qualifications for jobs as registry clerk?

To qualify for a job at ZRA you need a high personality trait with language and office management skills. 

  • Grade 12 certificate
  • Diploma in any business course
  • Computer skills are a must
  • Language fluency is needed that is English
  • High level of confidentiality 
  • Able to work under pressure with minimum supervision
  • Respectable and trusted individual
Diploma in Records Management or Library Studies (Grade 12) or General Certificate of Education Equivalent Diploma
A secondary qualification in information technology or management/business studies will be advantageous.
A minimum of one year of work experience in a records management environment is required.

You should also have the following abilities for registry clerk at ZRA jobs

  • Excellent client/customer service orientation
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Personal administration
  • Excellent initiative and the capacity to meet deadlines
  • Understand registry filing, retrieval, and tracking systems.

How to apply for ZRA jobs as a registry clerk in 2023?

The advert will be soon given further instruction on how to apply for a job as registry clerk at ZRA
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I have given the tips and details of ZRA jobs for a registry clerk. I hope you will be helped. The major important thing is to make sure you qualify and get some extra skills like computer so you are well qualified and have more chances of being picked.



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